2018 in Review Thus Far

Whoa! How did that happen? It’s already half way through 2018. I thought it a good point to stop and assess how the year has gone thus far in the reading department.

My bookish resolutions for the year were to knock down two lists; continuing series I’ve already started and reading more stand alone novels.

Stand alones: 3%

Series to Continue: 20%

Clearly, there is work to be done there.

On my Goodreads yearly challenge I’m at 34/70. (48%)

For June, I have a few ARCs to finish before I attack those lists once again. I was approved by Tor/Forge for two ARCs and want to get in good with them since they’re one of my favorite publishers. Plus, I had another Goodreads friend as that I read their book and I picked it up a couple of months ago so I might as well try it while I’m in extreme review mode.


American Hippo – Book Review (complete)

City of Lies

The Book of Unwinding  (I received an ARC of the first book, my review here.)

Goodreads friend’s book: A Darker Shade of Sorcery

That’s a whole month of reading nothing but ebooks. I’ll probably go crazy on physical books once July rolls around.

Check these pretty covers though:


6 thoughts on “2018 in Review Thus Far

  1. I love the cover for American Hippo! It seems like you’re doing great with your GR challenge. I haven’t actually looked to see where I am in a while, but I think I’m behind☺

  2. It is utterly insane to think of the year as being half way over. What happened?? Where did all that time go??? It blows my mind. Nice job being about half way through your overall reading goal, though! Right on track. Nicely done! 😀

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I can’t believe it either! I think it’s because we literally have stuff going on every single weekend. I thought next month might slow down a little, nope. 2 out of 4 weekends we have plans. D:

      1. Oh, wow. No rest for the wicked, huh? 😉 I have a feeling summer is going to go by FAST this year. Hopefully it will be a lot of fun, though. 😀

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