How Dare You Use Profanity!

It’s not often that I really tear a book that I didn’t like down, but two years ago I did just that to a book that I really hated. Every few months now I get someone pissed off at me for it and it’s the funniest thing. Mostly, they yell at me for my profanity or try to insult my intelligence for not seeing it’s apparently very fucking hidden splendor. Even better is when they tell me what I should or should not put in my book reviews.

[I’m imagining you all laughing maniacally along with me right here.]

The very best part is that when you check out this book’s Goodreads page, my review is the very first one to come up. Because, thanks to these fuck nuggets, every time they’ve commented, more people have liked it. By trying to knock me down, they’ve risen me to the top ranks and now everyone will see what I have to say about that book.

Teach those fuckers to try to tell me to do anything. MWAHAHA.



17 thoughts on “How Dare You Use Profanity!

  1. Haha I remember how mad you were about this book after you read it. 😛 Yay for your review jetting right on up to the top on GR! That’s awesome! 😀
    Love the Ursula gif btw. 😛

  2. I was lucky enough to catch that shit while I was browsing Goodreads this morning. How are people going to tone police you on your own goddamn page??! There are ways to disagree with a review if you want to have a chat about it. Saying, “I’m offended that you put ‘fuck’ on your own page. THE NERVE!” is not the way to do it. 12/10 I was amused.

    1. Haha! Well I’m glad that people are getting as much joy out of it as I have. I have to remember not to bother getting angry about it, it’s just so ridiculous. One of them published their own book and the petty part of me wants to read it and review it. >:D

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