Saga, Vol. 5 – Comic Review


Published Date: September 9, 2018

Publishing Co.: Image Comics

Pages: 152

Goodreads Synopsis.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Is there ever going to be a volume of Saga that I don’t love? At this point, I’m not sure that they could do any wrong.

In this edition, the Brand, that girl and that ex-girlfriend (because apparently I suck at names) are on a quest for dragon semen in order to save the Will. Let’s just say that leads to quite the centerfold.

Dengo has kidnapped Alana, Hazel and Marko’s mom and he’s made a deal with the Last Revolution. A rebel group bent on destroying both sides of the war. Of course, the group just wants to use Hazel as leverage to get things they think will help in their war on the war.

Meanwhile, Marko has partnered with Prince Robot IV to find their missing children. It doesn’t mean they have to get along, but for a short period their mission is the same.

Once again, I was angered that I did not have the next volume at the ready. Soon my precious, sooooon.

That mother fucking artwork man!


14 thoughts on “Saga, Vol. 5 – Comic Review

  1. I started buying them two at at time and buying the next when I was on the second one I bought. Life is way too short to wait for my next Saga delivery. Now of course I’m waiting for Volume 9 to be released. I think it’s October. I should check to see if they’re accepting pre-orders yet.

      1. Ugh I know. I’m one book behind in my reading challenge. I’m going to try to knock out some graphic novels this month since you can read them really quickly. Mine is 50 books, and half the damn year is gone already o.O

  2. I absolutely LOVE Saga – started to read it when i was pregnant, i met Finoa Staples at comic con the year after, if you have not heard, the writer & artist are taking a YEAR break 😦 i got the last comic release (i keep up to date with the comics not paperback, but i do want to get the novels – i wanna save the comics wear free after read through) i am TERRIFIED to read it… because what if it was so messed up like the last issue and leaves me hanging for a YEAR…
    If you havent read image comic alex and ada – theres 3 volumes, pretty interesting and different. 🙂

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