Iron Gold – Book Review


Published Date: January 16, 2018

Publishing Co.: Del Rey

Pages: 601

Goodreads synopsis.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Goblins and Reapers and I don’t know where the fuck to begin.

The first trilogy was about the breaking of an unkind empire. This picks up ten years after the revolution with the struggle of building and holding onto a budding new republic. Resplendent in it’s demokracy but fighting to gain a balance and keep the peace.

Darrow, Sevro and the remaining Howlers along with the new Republic army have fought to gain control of and free strongholds of the old empire. Mustang reigns as Sovereign now but has given much of her control away to the council. The war has never really ended and along with political struggles, they’ve also all been raising families of their own.


The Ash Lord remains along the Rim but still causes trouble as often as possible. They suspect attacks from the Moon Lords. An anti-Rising gang kills innocent people on Mars. Death begets death begets death. If we all hoped for a happy ending, well our beloved characters sure didn’t get it.

It’s interesting how the father roles play out with Darrow versus Sevro. Who would have thought the little goblin would be better at it. (The kids are quite the interesting characters themselves.)

One of the things that I love is that while I’m focused on a character and what they’re going through, I don’t see the twist sneaking up to bite me on the ass. My ass got munched hard, several times. It seems to be the author’s specialty. Ass munchin’. But you know, in the good way.

9 thoughts on “Iron Gold – Book Review

  1. Nice review!
    Every time i see this book i keep telling myself to chop chop and read the 2nd and 3rd book already cuz i need to read this 😀
    I’m not good with series…

  2. Must. Borrow. Thissssss!!! 😀
    I’m so glad you enjoyed it so much. Haha The “Ass Munchin'” part of your review made me laugh. Well said, very well said. 😛

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