Bookstagram – Week 19

A wee bit unrelated but I spent the other day doing something to the blog that I should have done years ago. Creating tabs at the top of the pages to easily navigate different subjects on the blog. It looks so much better. Procrastination, I am Queen of it. (It also made me realize that there are several subjects I have been neglecting. I’ll work on fixing that…..eventually.)

I’ve only been averaging about a book a week but I’m okay with that considering just how busy life has been lately. You can follow me on Instagram here.

“I’ve been reading a lot of ebooks lately. It feels really good to hold a physical book once again.”
“I can get through any day at work with coffee and books.”
“This beaut was waiting on my doorsteps when I got home.”

8 thoughts on “Bookstagram – Week 19

  1. Only a book a week? Haha wow. I haven’t read an entire book for far too long. I think I may have said before but every time I sit down to read a book I start nodding off after a few pages. Maybe it’s the books fault? Maybe I need to sleep more? Maybe I’m just old haha. How do you create the tabs? I’d like to do the same but put it this way I can barely work the microwave.

    1. A book a week is pretty slow for me! I don’t know who to blame for you falling asleep while reading lol. I don’t think I’ve ever done that actually. The fear of losing my spot is real. So I had to look up tutorials how to do it but you have to make a menu. Once the new menu is made you can select which categories you want and then apply it.

  2. Ooh, love the tab addition to your blog, lady! Looks good. 😀
    I’m thinking about (and silently dreading the thought of) doing a big makeover for my blog’s upcoming blog birthday. Sooo lazy. lol Plus I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’ve got time to figure out. 😛
    Awesome pics for your bookstagram post. ❤

    1. I’ve considered a blog overhaul several times and this is as far as I’ve gotten lol. Not knowing what you’re doing makes it more frustrating. The most I can do besides the tabs now is change the layout and WordPress pretty much does that for you lol.

      1. Yeah, I have no idea what I’m doing with WP makeovers either, so I think you did pretty damn good figuring the tab thing out. 😛

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