Birthday Haul #2 AND #3

Well I did not get to pop in like I intended to. When I wasn’t celebrating my birthday I was learning how to build out a room. Hang dry wall, tape and mud. The whole shebang. My bathroom now has a functioning vent and my walk-in closet is on it’s way to looking like an actual room. We will probably still be working on things for the next couple of weeks but my dad has left so it will be slower going while we work on it after work and on weekends.

Anywho, my birthday was fabulous. I got amazing presents from people who know me well and I’ll share them with you now. (Plus, Ignited Moth came over and spoiled me and then we ended up at the bar, with margaritas. Holy margaritas.)

Flowers and a Hyacinth plant from my husband. Owl and dragon eye glassware from my aunt, uncle and cousin.
Ignited Moth prezzies! This girl knows my soul. Not pictured is my favorite chocolate milk in the world and a book that will be arriving soon. ^.^

Okay, I’m off to catch up on all the blogs that I can before work!

22 thoughts on “Birthday Haul #2 AND #3

      1. I get so much joy out of what I do now, building, gardening etc than making good sales in the corporate world. Much more rewarding. I was good at sales and I did enjoy it but building a little brick pathway for a little old lady is much more fun. Also the customer satisfaction is waaaayyyy better to see.

      2. I would suck at sales. People would say no and I’d just say okay and walk away dejected. I really look forward to finishing our current house project but now all the projects yet to come. Except the bathroom. I really hate the bathroom and want to redo it but it’s going to be a total gut job.

  1. Woo! I’m so glad you enjoyed your prezzies so much, and I’m also so glad that the book came in the mail as quickly as it did! Especially given the wonky estimate for arrival time they gave. lol

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