Birthday Haul #1

After work today is when people start arriving at my house, so I thought I would pop in real quick and share my birthday present haul thus far. I’ve gotten some pretty bad ass things already. Like a new laptop from my lovely husband! He also bought me the ebook featured in the image and the rest of the stuff is from my thoughtful coworkers.


“When in doubt, go to the library.” – Hermione Granger

18 thoughts on “Birthday Haul #1

  1. So… if I were to umm say, marry your husband, would he buy ME a laptop too??

    Also, I guess you like owls as well as dogs and baking yeah?

    Owls are cool but my favourite bird is an Emu because they look so ridiculous. My only wish is that Emuโ€™s could fly because they would look even more ridiculous. Ahhhhh bloody Emuโ€™s youโ€™ve got to love them.

    1. I’m a lover of all animals but owls are up there on the list. Emus are awesome! I used to volunteer at an animal sanctuary that had a couple. One gave hugs while you scratched his neck. (Laid is neck over your shoulder while you scratched both sides.)
      Hmm, would he buy you a laptop?? Well if you invest 11 years into his ass, maybe. ๐Ÿ˜›

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