C&M’s Book Blogging Confessions

I am unapologetically stealing Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek’s idea to confess his blogging sins. That boy is quite the sinner and we’re both unashamed assholes, so who better to inspire listing all the reasons why I’m kind of a prick?

  1. I swear a lot. Although now that I’m thinking about it, I think I might not swear enough on the blog. IRL I could challenge sailors to a profanity duel.


2. Also like Drew, I don’t blog every day because….


3. I trash books I hate and I don’t feel bad about that. Not one shred of guilt here.


4. I think some of the publishing companies that give away ARCs on Netgalley have stupid rules. But I may not even match that rule, I’m just paranoid that I do and it’s holding me back from a book I really wanted.


4. Sometimes I pad posts with memes and/or gifs because me brain no worky right first thing the start of day.


5. This is my most guilty confession: if you mostly review romance novels, I do not follow you back. There is no way I’m ever going to read that review or have a single thing to say about it, so why pretend?


I can’t say that I feel cleansed now. I think I’m snuggling with all my sins because I’m completely okay with them.Β 



10 thoughts on “C&M’s Book Blogging Confessions

  1. Ha, Assholes unite!πŸ‘Š

    You can never swear enough on your blog, it’s the perfect place for profanity!πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚

    Publishing companies have weird rules not just on Netgalley but with print ARC’s too at times, it’s strange.

    Sinning is winning!πŸ‘Œ

    1. Sinning is winning is going to be the anthem for 2018 now! lol.

      Yeah the one I was recently denied for said one of the rules was general life bloggers which I do understand but, once in awhile I just chatter away in a post and now wonder if they’re excluding me because of that once in awhile post. At the same time though, I don’t have much street cred on Netgalley yet so it could just be that. πŸ˜›

  2. Nice post. I don’t really read many books anymore because painting takes up my zen time these days, though I do still dearly love them as objects. What I do manage to read tends to be nonfiction. Still, the sentiments above cross genres quite nicely. The romance novel one in particular can be subbed for those random fucking blog follows that you get from motivational speakers and other weird shit that clearly has no interest on your own actual content, and is merely trolling for more follows and likes in turn.

    1. Yeah I think there is just a lot of spam bots as well, because I go to check out their blog and it says, “website does not exist.” I dig a good nonfiction book every once in awhile. It just has to be a really interesting subject for me to get into it.

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