Err Day I’m Killin’ It.

It’s half way through the first month of 2018 and I’ve been killing it in the reading department. (That’s why there have been less sassy un-book-related posts.) It helps that it’s unbearably frigid outside so I try not to leave the house other than to go to work or take the dogs out to go to the bathroom.

I was immediately accepted to read a book I had requested on Netgalley (The King of Bones and Ashes) and now check daily to see if I’m lucky enough to get accepted for some big releases for this year that I’ve requested. (Iron Gold, Burn Bright and Scourged) Currently, I limit my requests due to paranoia that they’ll all get accepted at the same time. Controlling myself is hard. The excitement I felt after getting accepted for one book is addicting. I’m a fiend for that next thrill.

I was also asked by a Goodreads friend to read and rate/review their book. I said yes before I really looked into the book and it’s a children’s story. Not really my department but it’s free on Kindle Unlimited so I’ll keep my word and squeeze it in before my month is up.


How has 2018 been treating you thus far?

11 thoughts on “Err Day I’m Killin’ It.

  1. I’ve been having a pretty good 2018 so far. Working through some stuff and adding to my ever growing stack of to reads.

    1. Nice! I need to cut through some of my TBR I have at home. But at the same time, it’s the last year I get to use the good library because my card expires in December and I no longer live in that town. D:

    1. Lol. Netgalley is a site that authors/publishers list Advanced Reader Copies of their books for people to review to help with the hype and sales before they’re released. You have to be a blogger in order to use the site though. It’s pretty cool, even if I’ve only been approved for one book so far. 🙂

  2. Glad to hear the month is going well. So far, it is going rather well with me too. Mostly 4star books, which is just unheard of. Thankfully, I had a 1star book to bring me back to reality, otherwise I’d be thinking I DESERVE to read nothing but 4star and above books 🙂

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