Top 5 Books of 2017

It’s that time of the year again, reflecting on those reads that really just tripped your trigger. It’s always difficult to narrow it down to five but I’m way too lazy to try naming  10. (Really there were 7 that stood above the rest but I enjoy being a pain in my own ass.)

1. Kings of the Wyld


I will seriously recommend this book to anyone even slightly interested in fantasy. Whether you like high fantasy, urban fantasy, it doesn’t matter. I think you will enjoy this. It was just so much fun. My review here.

2. Morning Star


That trilogy ending! When someone is looking to get more into Science Fiction, this is always a series I direct them to. This is the last book and it left an impression. My review here. The second trilogy set in the same world is set to debut early next year so better catch up kids.

3. Providence of Fire


The second book in an epic fantasy trilogy that so far, I absolutely adore. Three royal siblings struggle to keep their country together after the death of their emperor father. My review here.

4. The Shotgun Arcana


I’ll go out on a limb here and say, World’s Best Genre Mash-Up. Fantasy, historical fiction, horror, paranormal, sci-fi, steampunk, etc. There might literally be a little bit of everything in this series. Check. It. Out. My review here.

5. Royal Assassin


I think I’ve mentioned my love of Robin Hobb more than once on this blog and I’m not even done with the initial trilogy. A 2018 goal is to read Assassin’s Quest. My review here.

There it is, my year end list! Throw back to my half way through the year list:

Top 5 Books of 2017 So Far

They’re almost exactly the same. >:D


9 thoughts on “Top 5 Books of 2017

  1. I love how I don’t know most of these titles (the only thing I’m even familiar with is the Morning Star trilogy) and haven’t read any of it and they’re all scifi/fantasy because yaaas. Will definitely check out the Shotgun Arcana and The Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne Trilogy because they sound awesome! 😊

  2. Nice list! Here’s to many more excellent reads in the new year! ❤
    2 of these (that I'm currently borrowing from you) are on my 2018 reading list, so I can't wait to enjoy them soon! 😀

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