Ready Player One – Book Review

4 out of 5 stars

Well, wasn’t that a fun little dose of nostalgia slapped in with a lot of adventure?

As an 80’s baby who mostly remembers the 90’s, you won’t get far in this book without reminiscing a lot. Video games, music, toys, you name it. I definitely had fun “membering.”

As much as I would love to give this five out of five stars, I cannot. The issues were small but ever present. While the author doesn’t delve too deep into the planetary issues that create this depressing world where people escape to virtual reality, I have a hard time believing that if the planet was dying that every single person (homeless or not) would freely be using all this electricity to escape. I mean really think about it, try to imagine just how much electricity is being used while millions of people are playing the same video game all day, every day.

My second issue is that the danger doesn’t seem real. Wade is able to navigate every issue with minimal consequences. At no point was I sweating for the main character, thinking to myself, “Is he going to get through this? Is something bad going to happen to him?” He escaped death once by mere accident and ever since then he’s been able to outsmart a company with thousands of workers. No one was catching on in the slightest. He’s the smartest boy ever.

Despite that, it was fun and I’m forcing my husband to read this book as he is an avid gamer. Once he’s finished we’re heading to an arcade bar in Detroit inspired and named after this novel. I reward him when he listens to me and reads.


11 thoughts on “Ready Player One – Book Review

  1. Haha you’re a good wife and he’s a good dog, I mean man. Sounds intriguing. I was born in 79 so 80s and 90s were my formative years and I think this book may appeal. However I wasn’t a huge gamer. I played arcades but I was always drawn to the pinball machines. I think I should have grown up in the 50s and 60s to be honest.

  2. Totally agree- this was nostalgic and fun! Oh yes you’re so right about the world building- I noticed there were flaws with it too. But yeah, if your husband’s a gamer, he’s pretty much guaranteed to love it 😉

  3. I just saw the movie trailer for this while seeing the new Justice League movie. I can definitely see what you meant about the nostalgia factor just from what I saw during the preview. 🙂
    I can see what you mean about the electricity thing. Very good point.
    Yeah, it’s too bad when the main character is TOO GOOD at ALL the things. Like you said, it never lets you feel concerned for the character because you know their perfect, brilliant ass is going to get out of whatever trouble they get into unscathed. :/

  4. Unlike you, I gave this book a five star review. I totally get where you’re coming from and I respect your decision to only give four stars. I choose not to think about the things you mentioned above in your review while reading this book and that is why I gave it such a high rating. The 80’s nostaliga was just awesome. I’m glad you enjoyed this book just as much as I did. Great review by the way.

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