7 thoughts on “Authors, To Read or Not to Read?

  1. Well, I’ll start it off …. I used to LOVE Patricia Cornwell (Kay Scarpetta series), however, as she’s gotten more popular, her books have gotten more sucky. WAY too long, way to weird (even for serial killer murder mysteries), then all of a sudden, in about 50 pages, the damned thing is done. Boom-a-dee-boom-a-dee-BANG.

    I also don’t read Kathy Reichs anymore. Tempe Brennan (the protagonist) was a good character, then blah. I’ve never watched Bones on tv (which was inspired by the books).

    1. I’ve always been somewhat curious about Kathy Reichs’ books because I did watch a few seasons of Bones, but never quite curious enough to pick one up. I don’t think I’ve ever read a Patricia Cornwell novel. Nothing worse than a series that starts out strong and then it’s like the author quit caring.

  2. I think I’ll have to have a think about this and return – nobody springs immediately to mind although I must have some authors out there that I instinctively avoid. Mmm, thinking cap goes on…
    Lynn 😀

    1. Lmao. Well my top preference to hate is Stephen King. Which usually surprises people. Once upon a time he was really good, now I feel like he just churns out whatever turd he comes up with and publishes it. And I’m just overall highly suspicious of Sarah J. Maas.

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