Cupcakes & Chaos

Ever since we bought our house in June, we’ve had nothing but vehicle problems. Both broke down the week that we signed the papers, then the week we were moving in I hit a deer. In August, we switched out one of the vehicles for another used vehicle. We had to replace the alternator pretty much immediately, then it lasted about another month before it sprouted a massive gas leak. The leak is going to cost more to fix than the vehicle is worth. So my lack of interaction on here in the last week is due to all that stress. (Although it seems that a lot of blogs have been a little quiet lately as well.)

Ultimately, we said fuck it all and traded in one car and signed a lease on a brand spanking new car. A lot of people think that leases are pointless since you’re throwing money at a car you don’t own. I used to think the same thing. However, for $70 more than what I was paying on TWO vehicles a month, we have a car we shouldn’t have to worry about for the next 3 years. The relief has been unbelievable. A massive weight off my shoulders.

Now it’s time to sit back and thoroughly enjoy the Halloween season. I’m hosting book club at my house for this month and have some pretty big plans. Next month, a little traveling around the state now that I have that ability again.


9 thoughts on “Cupcakes & Chaos

  1. Still so happy for you about the new car! It’s such a relief. 😀
    Really looking forward to book club this month! My damn kindle is somehow MIA so I’m determined to find the damn thing so I can read the book club book before we meet up.

  2. Deer Oh Deer 😉

    I’m the king of dad jokes.

    When you said you hit a deer I had a visual of you (well the image I’ve conjured up of you haha) punching a deer in the face because you were having car trouble.

    1. HAHA! Actually it was quite the opposite. I was more concerned and upset about the deer than my car. The car actually had minor damage all things considering, but I killed the deer and that I felt horrible about. 😦

  3. My husband leased his car before he bought it. And you can usually lease a car that’s a bit out of your price range. Honestly it’s no worse than paying to rent an apartment. You spend money to live someplace. People think that’s a waste because you don’t have “anything to show for it,” but I spent over a thousand dollars on groceries last year, too.

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