Jump Start on Autumn

Ok, so technically we still have about 20 days until it’s officially Autumn. For all the new kids to this blog, I don’t care! I am WAY too pumped to wait for technicalities. This time of year I dedicate a good chunk of my reading to the paranormal and horror genres, and baking to pumpkin and apple recipes. (Looking back on my posts last year, I really slacked in that division, going to have to correct that this year.) I also dedicate small posts to reviewing new pumpkin and apple flavored things I try and informational posts about things autumn/Halloween related. (I slacked in that department too, better be prepared to be thoroughly entertained this go-around.)

Here’s a run down on everything from last Autumn:


NOS4A2 – Book Review

Anno Dracula – Book Review

The Girl With All the Gifts – Book Review

House of Corruption – Book Review

Wicked As They Come – Book Review

Wicked As She Wants – Book Review

Crane – Book Review

MPHFPC – Book Review

Double Dead – Book Review

Mongrels – Book Review

Etiquette & Espionage – Book Review

Mark of the Demon – Book Review

The Witching Elm – Book Review

The Six-Gun Tarot – Book Review

Heart-Shaped Box – Book Review


Baking Recipes:

Moist Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Banana Bread


Learn Something:

This is Halloween! – Halloween Facts

Owl Facts


Prepare for all the autumn fun!

9 thoughts on “Jump Start on Autumn

    1. Haha you could! I always feel like I fall into that basic autumn white girl package but I actually don’t like pumpkin coffee all that much and I don’t leave the house in my yoga pants (at least not all that often lmao.)

  1. I think with this nice cool weather we’ve been having that we can just go ahead and consider it fall at this point. That’s what I’m doing anyway. lol
    I just had 2 coupons for free wallflowers from Bath and Bodyworks, so I got an heirloom apple one and a cinnamon stick one. Chris got some sort of Cider one for his place too and a bunch of the Crisp Autumn Air handsoaps, so we’re all ready for the fall smells. 😀 I also switched out my shower gel for the honey champagne apple one I got last year. Smells so good! 🙂

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