A Swollen Foot & 80’s Music

In true C&M fashion, I hurt myself the day before our house warming party. In an even more thorough C&M fashion, on the day of the party, I dropped a 22 pound bag of ice on it. Not to slow me down though, at least not until after about an hour of dancing to 80’s music at the end of the night. All at the encouragement of my boss and his girlfriend of course, because no one I know parties harder.

Other than that bit of foot misfortune, the party was a success and we received some really sweet house warming presents. Everyone seemed to have a genuinely good time.

Ozzy and Samus were the life about half the party. Some people who didn’t have dogs made up for it by playing mass amounts of ball and paying attention to them in general. It makes for a nice quiet day today, although Ozzy played way too hard for his weak back legs and will have a few days recovery.

A rainy day following the party has been the perfect excuse to nap and watch movies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

Now to just lazily kill time until Game of Thrones.



12 thoughts on “A Swollen Foot & 80’s Music

  1. Oh no!😱 That is definitely something I would do!😒 I once sneezed as I was stepping off a curb, which resulted in a torn ligament in my ankle! Not only did I have to put up with jokes, but it happened the week before I was going to Disney for the first time. I was so ticked off! I hope your foot is feeling better, and I’m glad you and your furbabies had a good time despite your mishap.😊

    1. Holy crap! That is one insane way to get injured! lol. I don’t even remember how I hurt it originally. I don’t know if I twisted or jammed it. Seems like something you would notice doing though. It’s slowly feeling better but today will be my first day back to work since it happened so we’ll see how it goes. :3

  2. Ahhhh the white muzzle! I love old dog face ❤️

    As I like to say of myself “On one of my many trips to the floor,” or even better, “No, I did not fall; I high fived the floor.” I, too, am accident prone. I once tumbled down a little hill getting my car and my skirt flew up and I flashed the whole neighborhood. Good times!

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