Psychic Poop

It’s been a while since I’ve had a truly bizarre dream and this one made people laugh hysterically while simultaneously grossing them out. Since I have no shame, I’ll share it with you fair folks.

It began as any nice road trip dream begins, exploring new places with your loved ones (dead and alive) when suddenly I find myself driving by my lonesome and needing to stop at a gas station. Of course I pick the gas station with a psychic medium doing a ghost tour. The main attraction of the tour being in the bathroom. Because all important things happen in the bathroom, for the dead and the living.

I don’t remember the actual conversation but at some point I plop my happy butt down on the toilet, only intending to sit on it for a rest and a good listen. Suddenly my stomach gives a mighty angry rumble and I immediately poop myself. Now, I remember having pants on but some how no poop is in the pants. Obviously everyone runs out of the room. Instead of being horrified, I calmly inspect the results in the toilet and find…….it is filled to the brim with baked beans.

Dissect the meaning of that one dream enthusiasts!


9 thoughts on “Psychic Poop

  1. Hello there I also am a blogger on the subject I write about psychic abilities and how to connect to your guides and angels. I really enjoyed reading this and also I love to interpret peoples dreams.

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