It’s Wet Here

Come off it perverts! I’m talking about the weather here. It’s raining and grey, and normally I would say perfect reading weather but I have to get some shit done this weekend. Our house warming party is two weeks away as of today and we still have a lot of unpacking to do. On top of that, I’m in a bit of a funk. My husband wants to throw on another bill that we can’t afford right now but I hate being THAT wife that says no to something that he’s passionate about. So I’m a bit ornery right now and have been thinking about things to try to put myself in a better mood and what is better than books?!

I’m slowly crawling my way through this one:


It’s not any fault of the book’s, in fact it just hit optimal interesting, but between work and stuff to do around the new house, reading has been put on the back burner. Saying that just feels icky. I’m hoping to hit the library this week and pick up a comic book or two to pad my reading for a summer reading program at the library that results in getting free stuff for reading. I’m running behind because I forgot about it altogether. The program started in the beginning of June and I didn’t remember until half way through July.

I’ve been storing up a lot of reading for this autumn. I’m trying to save all paranormal/horror stuff for October and stocking up on books for Science Fiction month in November. I had a lot of fun reading and reviewing all that stuff last year and then promptly burned myself out on those genres for the majority of the year. I’m feeling the itch again finally and now just have to hold out a couple more months.

Hopefully this year Michigan cooperates and I’ll have a more successful Winter of Epic Fantasy.

In conclusion; once I get past this summer, there should only be awesome reading for the rest of 2017.

There. That helped my funk a little bit. What do you do to get out of a funk??

15 thoughts on “It’s Wet Here

      1. Ha, that is true! It’s been hot, muggy and rainy here the past week and I think, “If I wanted weather like this, I’d live in Louisiana.” But they’re probably actually 100 times worse than us lol.

  1. Aw, sorry you’re in a bit of a funk. :/ Hope you get de-funkified soon. (Note: I almost wrote “de-fuckified” by mistake there!) lol
    I can’t believe how quickly the party is coming up! August is coming up so fast!!

  2. I’ve been that wife…or that person: the practical mine, stomping on dreams, roaring like a T-Rex. Giggling like a dumbass at this mental image.

    I usually point out our lack of funds. Cold hard facts usually win the day.

      1. I generally don’t care either so long as we’re not low on funds. Like mine asked me if it was okay if he bought this $100 controller. We were doing okay for cash so I said I didn’t care. Generally anything under $50 once a week, I couldn’t care less.

        Books ARE less expensive…unless you buy 10 of the in a week *nothing to see here*

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