Queen of the Wyld

Ahoy there pilgrims! Sorry for the absence. We moved into our new house this weekend and that was a metric butt-load of work. Of course Comcast, because they’re Comcast, also screwed up our set up date so  we were without internet for 3 days. The upside to that was at the end of every rigorous day, there was plenty of time to read before I passed out drooling onto my pillow. I’m making headway on my current read and awesome giveaway from Goodreads, Kings of the Wyld.

I am quite ready to be done with the stress and enjoy the summer but of course, our old place would really like to screw us as much as possible before we leave so that means another week of high stress, racing to clean it out and turn in the keys and pretty much hope that we don’t get screwed too hard without lube. I am so utterly relieved to never rent again.

I can’t get enough of the new place and precious little moments like having coffee with my cat at the dining table.


Off to catch up on all your lovely blogs! ❤

18 thoughts on “Queen of the Wyld

  1. Zelda’s like *AHEM* “Where’s MY coffee??” 😛
    Glad you’re back online and getting all settled. Can’t wait to come visit and bring you your housewarming prezzies!! XD

  2. I think Zelda definitely wants some of your coffee! Congratulations on getting moved in. I can completely emphasize with your Comcast woes. We’ve cut our cable cord and watch streaming services through Roku. Even with having Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and CBS All Access, we’re still paying less than half what we were paying for basic cable and internet. Sadly we have to get our internet through them, but at least we’re not giving them so much of our money.

    1. We were only doing internet but my husband can’t say no to anything and since we were moving they said we were eligible for a new deal, and he’s gullible and took it. We can cancel at anytime at least so they better not bill us more than they said they were going to. I was perfectly fine with just streaming. Stupid boy.

    1. 3 years ago we did a lease-to-own on a place and the way everything was explained is not the way it is turning out at all. We won’t get any money back, which whatever, I can live with that, I just don’t want them to charge us for the month of July. The carpet will have to be replaced because Samus chewed a hole in the carpet when she was a puppy, I’m just hoping they don’t try to say it’s $1000 to do the carpet. We had it quoted once and it was like $400, but these kind of places just love to stick it to ya.

      1. I’m thinking this may just be a rule in PA, but I know that they have to replace carpet after someone has lived in an apartment for two years, which works out really well for us when we decide to move lol. Kitties and hairballs aren’t good for a carpet :p I really want to move, but we can’t afford a house yet. I just want to live on the first floor and have another bathroom.

        They really do…and they know they can mostly get away with it, because getting a lawyer to fight it is a pain in the ass and usually more expensive than it’s worth.

      2. I don’t think that’s a rule in Michigan. It would be most excellent if it was though. Luckily, my aunt is a lawyer so she has looked over a lot of the paperwork and is essentially telling me to be super nice and maybe they’ll let me get out of it. =/ The previous manager was retiring when we did the paperwork and lied about pretty much the whole program. If I break free without getting any money back but also not owing any money, that would awesome.

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