High on Paint Fumes

The entire weekend was spent at our new house painting a few rooms. One thing I can’t stand is white walls in every single part of the house. This is a home not an insane asylum. We’ve had the house for less than a week and already had to break into it. Apparently, unknown to us, one set of keys doesn’t work and one does. We left the good set inside the house since we were coming back the next day to continue painting. Upon discovery, much frustration ensued. We ended up cutting out a screen and being able to open the window to the bathroom, so my husband shoveled me through the small window and the day was saved. Adventures in home ownership have begun.

The dogs took to the new place pretty well. We’ve been worried about the younger one, Samus, because she’s only ever lived in once place. Turns out, she took to it faster than our older dog who has moved with us one million times over the years. Maybe he’s just overwhelmed to have his very own yard finally.

Here they are exploring the new place before we started painting:

Living room.
My husband assisting Ozzy with the stairs. (Ozzy did go up them on his own which is awesome.)
Basement cruising.
He approves of the patio.

6 thoughts on “High on Paint Fumes

  1. Ooh, what colors are you painting the rooms? 🙂
    Glad to hear the poochies are digging the new place. Glad the humans are too, minus the whole key/screen-cutting thing. 😛

    1. Sourdough for the living room/dining room, brick red for the second bedroom and french violet for the master bedroom. The living/dining room color wasn’t what I envisioned but I had bought 2 gallons of paint and am stuck with it. It’s not bad or anything just I think what I really wanted was a couple shades darker.

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