Beer Reviews – New Section

That’s right. The long awaited new section of the blog is finally ready to begin posting.

I’ve mentioned once or twice or three times that craft beer is HUGE in Michigan. I swear I read somewhere recently that said we have 444 breweries in Michigan, now that I’m googling it again it’s saying 122 craft breweries. We’ll go with 122 but that was from 2012, five years later and we can probably safely round up to the 200 marker. Practically every city is sporting it’s own personal brewery. The city I live in has two and Ann Arbor right next to us has six. I should notate that I’m only counting actual breweries, not brew pubs, tap houses or taverns. As our friend from New York who is in town as we speak says, “You Michigan people take your beer seriously.”

It’s true. In fact, it is so true that no one I know even drinks anything else besides craft beer. I personally do not drink beer, carbonation hurts my tongue, I’m weird. However, as someone who doesn’t drink beer, I know far too much about craft beer. My husband loves it, my uncle brews his own, and if you bring Coors, Miller or Pabst to a party, well you’re a dick. You’ve just become the pariah of the party.

We have craft beer festivals, home brew competitions, beer guilds and beer guides.


All of that being said, my husband will be providing beer reviews. Mostly Michigan craft beers, but you know, one or two other states hit the nail on the head when it comes to beer too. Each review will be of a specific beer, and once in a while, when we actually go to the brewery itself, we’ll review our experience as well.

To gear you up for future reviews, the next post in this section will be a beginner’s guide to styles of beer. Yes you heard me right, styles. IPAs, stouts, lagers, we’ll learn the differences between them all. Not every style is for everyone, just likes genres with books.

Do you see how much I care about you dear readers? Not only do I guide you to awesome reads and awesome eats, now I’ll guide you to awesome (and warn you away from not so awesome) beers as well.

Read, eat, drink and be merry!

14 thoughts on “Beer Reviews – New Section

      1. Thanks Tom! It might be a week or two before I get to it because I essentially have to buy my husband beer, force him to sit still for 5 minutes and tell me about it lol. That being said, I’ll have to stretch the beer reviews out a bit.

  1. I’m not really a beer fan either, and whoohoo someone else who has issues with carbonation! I used to shake soda to make it flat for that very reason hehe. I’m also not big on how beer tastes, but it has grown on me in my old age. I’m still more of a fan of sweet drinks, so I do love me some fruli :p

    1. I pretty much only drink coffee, water and gatorade. Juice once in awhile but I do try to avoid it for it’s mass amount of sugar.
      I think you may officially be the only other person I know who can’t drink carbonated beverages! I AM NO LONGER ALONE!!

      1. I’m water, coffee, tea, and orange juice in the morning. Oh and wine hehe. I whine without wine.

        I know a few people who can’t! It really hurts my mouth, but every now and then I like the taste of the drink. Shake it up!

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