Belated Birthday Haul

I’m spoiled rotten by the ones that love me and I’m not afraid to admit it. I had a fantastic birthday and decided I should flaunt some of my gifts.

Flowers from my husband (he really knows how to pick the right ones for me) and my favorite chocolate milk. (Not pictured.)
Birthday orchids from my uncle. I only recently have been able to keep indoor plants alive. :3
My coworkers know me well.
The most important! Birthday book haul. ^.^


AAANND, I hit 200 followers! I could just pinch your adorable little cheeks! Thanks for hanging out, talking about books, eating tasty treats, and ranting about anything and everything!

19 thoughts on “Belated Birthday Haul

      1. Ohhh yeah, I didn’t even think about that! lol Ah, well. There’s always next time! 😉 Just one more excuse to make it again (though hopefully I can do an actual oreo crust like I wanted.)

  1. Happy birthday again! I have two of those books: A Darker Shade of Magic and Strange the Dreamer 😀 Oh, wait no…I have Darker Shade, but I have a sample of Strange, but it’s been on my list for a while. I love that Star Wars cup. I was literally saying “Yasss” when I saw it.

    You have to love being spoiled rotten though. I mean I feel bad for like half a second then I’m like “Kneel to the queen!”

    1. Lmao! I might have to use “Kneel to the queen!” next year. 😛
      I think Star Wars is a go-to for my coworkers for me. Another year for my birthday I received a slave Leia shirt that said “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” I needed another coffee mug like I need another hole in the head but damnit I’ll take it!

      1. I wore a tiny crown the entire day of my birth. Teeny, tiny tiaras are kind of my thing :p I really want a hat that says, “It’s my fucking birthday!” I’ve seen the “It’s my birthday, bitches,” which is nice, but not quite the umph I want. I usually don’t get overly excited about my birthday, but I was hanging out with my brother who acts so adorably foolish on his birthday, so I was just feeding off his energy lol. He’s older than me, too, but if we go to a restaurant that does it, he’ll take a crown or a hat. I might have to get him a Burger King crown this year. He would 100% wear that shit.

        Star Wars is a great go to. I got my BFF a BB-8 blanket for hers, one of those really soft ones. I have a few, but my cat always steal them. Little bastards.

      2. OMG I am buying SO many new blankets when we move. Most of our current ones have been chewed on by Samus in her first year and a half of life. I didn’t bother buying new ones because they would get shredded too. I think we might be safe now lol.
        Tiaras and pimp cups, birthday requirements of fabulous bitches!

      3. My cats steal mine. They don’t chew on them (or pee on them thank god), but I’ll want a blanket and oops there’s Kin-mei laying on it so oh well.

        I wore that shit all weekend. I was fabulous.

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