Royal Assassin – Book Review

5 out of 5 stars 

The Farseer Trilogy Book 2 – No Spoilers

I read the first book in this series almost exactly three years ago, before I began reviewing books. I was surprised at how much of it I remembered but not enough to go back and do an actual review. So I will tell you that Hobb roped me in hook, line and sinker. Her writing has a subtle poetry to it. In the first book, the beginning of each chapter feeds you a little of the history of the world you are entering. I found it a clever and enjoyable way to learn the world building.

She continues this in the second book, but the beginning of each chapter explains instead the politics behind the royalty and sometimes background stories of other characters.

I am confident in saying that, if you enjoyed the Song of Ice and Fire series, you will enjoy this as well. Hobb has a way of making small details, rich. If one of the things that you put off of GRRM’s work is the multitude of characters each chapter switches it to, here, you follow only the view of Fitz. This does not make any of the other characters any less important.

Book one follows the tale of a bastard born of a prince. Known to most as simply, the Bastard, he has magic and the secret ability (an ability considered heresy) to communicate with animals telepathically. Raised in the horse stables, acknowledged by the king (his grandfather), tutored and trained in the ways to assassinate a man at the word of a king. It is the story of his strange childhood.

This book, the second in the trilogy, follows his journey into manhood. The king is dying, the king-in-waiting (his uncle) is working himself senseless to save his people from raiders along the coast, the king’s youngest son (his uncle whom hates him with a fiery passion) pulling strings behind his father and brother’s backs attempting to gain himself power and allies, Fitz falling in love and everything falling apart. To save the woman he loves? To save his people? To save himself? Can a young man, trained assassin, of royal blood and boundless honor, accomplish all three?

If I had not just picked up three books from the library, I would be rushing off to the bookstore to buy the third book this instant.



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