Adulting 102

I wish I could say that the weekends are for relaxing, but they really aren’t anymore. If there isn’t house hunting happening, then I’m packing stuff up and trashing anything not worthy of moving. Add to that, that I’ll be going back to overtime every other week and shit is only going to get more hectic. It’s really not a bad thing since we had a cold, rainy winter and cabin fever has struck me hard in the last few weeks. So this isn’t whining, just stress relief.

I’m thinking of revamping the blog here soon. Problem is that I’m not all that savvy with customizing themes/layouts/widgets. If the appearance of this blog is random and makes zero sense, it’s just me learning my way about. Hopefully the final product will be legit.

My husband is finally going to contribute to his own section of the blog. But I’ll leave that final announcement for when he finally completes his first post. If you think I’m an awesome procrastinator, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. He takes it to the next level. Let’s just say, we’ve been talking about him doing this since I re-opened this blog about 8+ months ago.

Does not matter what is happening in life, these guys have no problem relaxing at a moments notice.


14 thoughts on “Adulting 102

  1. The dogs make it all worth while and you know it! I look at my cats sometimes when I think how I don’t want to go to work, then I recall “Who the hell is going to feed you if I don’t?” Then I’ll pet them, and think “Huh, you guys are so fat and soft. Some chump must take care of you.”

    I’m okay with the widget thingies (kind of), and I’ve been thinking about changing my format, too, but then I get distracted by something shiny. Probably in June when I upgrade to a paid blog. I dunno. You worry about house hunting, because I wanna see some awesome house pictures soon!

    1. That’s probably a very wise idea to wait to change up the blog until after we buy a house and move lol. I foresee much frustration trying to change things.
      I tell the dogs to get a job all the time. They don’t listen. But if only they could get paid for being cute, we’d be filthy rich.
      I’m so excited to buy a house and move and yet SO absurdly nervous too!

      1. My husband just got a new job, so we *might* be able to start saving for a house soon. It’s exciting, but scary, too, and it can be such an arduous task/take forever. You have an idea what you want/need, which is good. If I could make money from my cats’ cuteness, I’d be a billionaire.

      2. Even if it’s only $20 a paycheck, start stocking away anything you can. Down payments are low now (at least here). I’m constantly worried if we have enough money stocked away. On the plus side, I’ll soon be an expert and can help you with any questions when the time comes! (Trust me, I’ve already asked one million questions of everyone I know who’s ever bought a house lol.)

      3. I’ve been throwing $50 into the savings account every month. I need to see how our budgeting is going to look now that my husband has a new job. It’s more money, but the old job paid him once a week whereas this new is going to be the typical biweekly. I get paid twice a month on the 15th and last day. We used to be every other, so every now and then you’d get the mythical month with three paychecks. Bliss.

        Yasss, expert! I know a *little* because my BFF and her husband bought a house a few years ago, but that was a few years ago, and lots of things can change.

      4. Opposite weeks is a pretty good system, but yeah, I’m not worried per se, but I don’t know what the new pattern is going to be so I’m being cautious. Him getting paid every week was pretty sweet, but the new job is more money, so that should be better regardless I’d assume. We shall see!

  2. Good luck with the blog revamp! The last time I moved I threw out over half of my junk, haha. It’s surprising how much stuff we can accumulate.

  3. Changes galore! But they’re all exciting changes at least. 🙂
    Any time you get sick of packing (because packing is the WORST) just remember how awesome it will be when you unpack in your fancy new house. 😉

  4. Good luck with your move. It is a stressful time but it will be worth it – and yes, the dogs. They never have trouble relaxing do they – my dog is currently lying by my side – snoring – and running in his sleep.
    Lynn 😀

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