The Water Knife – Book Review

4 out of 5 stars

Have you ever watched Tank Girl? Or read the comic? The setting for this novel is much like that. In the future, the world is basically a large desert and big companies own all the water and power. People are struggling to survive while states fight over water rights and restrict electricity from poor people. The unfortunate cluster around water pumps run by the Red Cross and buy what little water they can afford from their shitty jobs. They live in slum housing and are battered with dust and dust storms on a regular basis. They pee into contraptions called Clearsacs and drink the water that is cycled through. Gangs run the streets. Police can be bought. Texans are treated like cockroaches. They cannot travel to new cities as militia and border agents kill anyone who gets too close to their state. People pay coyotes to get them further north, most never make it.

The rich live in giant complexes with air conditioning, fountains, nice housing, money, corporate jobs, drugs, prostitutes and all the water they can handle.

When there is dispute between states about who owns the older water rights, sometimes dams end up blasted and the world loses even more water. Whole cities die. Other cities become richer.

Angel is a water knife. A hired assassin who takes out Las Vegas’ rivals.

Lucy is a journalist who’s tired of biting her tongue and not reporting the stories behind the bodies left in empty swimming pools.

Maria is trying her damnedest to get north to freedom. Even if it means having to peddle some ass to get there.

Someone has discovered the nation’s oldest water rights, worth billions, and everyone is throwing their big guns at finding them. There are no rules. Just murder, mayhem and water.

A visceral look at the possibility (read probability) of the future of the human race if we don’t start taking care of our planet.


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