5 Ways to Make Your Pharmacy Hate You

  1. “Can’t you do it faster?” – Well of course I could. I could just pick some random ass bottle off the shelf, throw it in the RX bottle, not even look at your other meds in case they interact and just hand it to you. Hell, you don’t even have to pay for it!
  2. Drop off compound, expect it done in 15 minutes.  – Why no, we don’t have to combine all of the raw ingredients and use special procedures to mix them together.
  3. Hand us your used tube of vaginal cream. – Even if you didn’t touch your vagina when using this, we’re still skeeved out.
  4. “Why isn’t it on the $4 list?” – This isn’t Wal-Mart.
  5. Insist that the LACK of blue dye in your oxycodone 30 mg upsets your stomach, so could you please swap these white ones with blue ones. –  No, and way to out yourself that you’re selling them on the street.




12 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Your Pharmacy Hate You

  1. I’m actually curious who the worst people are (in general). Do you get more nonsense from the older or younger crowd or is it pretty equal? I’m sometimes guilty of forgetting to pick up prescriptions…oops.

    1. Middle-aged to older crowd. Most of the younger generation seem to know how things go and are really polite. If I had to vote a clear winner of the asshole award, it’s usually middle-aged women.

      1. That’s what I would’ve guessed, because that seems pretty common. The younger generation is used to waiting for wifi and buffering, but the middle aged to older set really isn’t, and I hate to say it, but baby boomers are some of the most entitled assholes out there. I hate going out to dinner with my in-laws, because god forbid the kitchen be running behind or the server has a lot of tables, because it’s obviously their fault and they’ll lower the tip. It makes me livid.

      2. UGH. Well if it makes you feel better, my in-laws go to the cheapest restaurants possible. Make the waiter get them one MILLION things and then if he/she forgets even one, they get upset and don’t understand why they forgot it. Plus, I imagine they tip terribly . (We always go dutch so I don’t know for sure, but they have no money to be going out in the first place.)
        They are quite embarrassing to be in public with.

      3. That’s just how mine are! My husband explained it like this. His father expects every server to act like they’re working in a high end restaurant even when they’re making less than minimum wage and to be at their beck and call. I truly hate the entitlement of that generation. We once went out on Mother’s Day and he got mad because they ran out of ice. Like that’s the server’s fault. The last time we went out was to Olive Garden, and he was going to under tip the poor man. We had a very demanding party of seven or eight. Me and my husband bought our own bottle of wine and we left a huge tip, and he (my husband) apologized after everyone else had left. I don’t want to be associated with that kind of behavior.

  2. Well, I’m one of those ‘entitled baby boomer a#$*)les’ who appreciates good service, tips 20%, but I do detest the constant calls and texts from my pharmacy wanting to automatically refill prescriptions that cost a small fortune. I could easily make a few more comments about adult children and their parents, but I think I’ll just leave at this. 🙂 Have a great day.

    1. I would whole heartedly agree with you on the phone calls/texts. I assume by that you go to one of the big box pharmacies. Maybe see if there is an independent pharmacy in your area. Better service, less phone calls, no automatic refills unless you ask for it.

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