Feversong – Book Review

The Fever series #9 (Final book)

4 out of 5 stars

There is a hella amount of capslock here, fellas. (Both in this book and at the end of this review.)

I have been head over heels in love with the Fever series all the way up until book 5 (which would have been a great ending), everything after that has been pretty mediocre. It lost it’s magic. Maybe it was shifting perspectives away from Mac and focusing on Dani for an entire fucking book. I’ve always enjoyed Dani’s character but not so much that making it 50% Mac and 50% Dani, was a good idea. Even Mac and Barrons became a little less magnetic. (Which is probably the most distressing thing of it all.)

Despite that, as usual, there is an irresistible attraction to the world that has kept me coming back each time. Two side characters (I won’t name who because that would ruin plot) were really the big draws for this novel. This ending was okay, book five was a much better one.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about never finding out where the Nine originated from. It leaves a sassy little mystery, but at the same time, I want to fucking know damnit.

JUDAS PRIEST would urban fantasy authors stop dating their books with pop culture no one is going to understand (or care about) in the next 10+ years?! I do not want to know that my favorite characters in THIS book, also watches Game of Thrones. THE WORLD IS ENDING, WHY ARE THEY WATCHING HBO?! (Yes, I’m accusing them of watching the show and not reading the books, because they’re SO busy fighting to save the world, and I don’t know how they’re fitting time in to watch TV for an hour as it is, how in the hell would they have time to read an 800+ page book?)

Overall, Dani had a more satisfying ending than Mac. Which is fucked. It will still get a decent star rating because I’m a sucker.

Also, I have this overwhelming feeling that the author is either going to A) continue the series yet again, or B) start another series set in the same world.

6 thoughts on “Feversong – Book Review

  1. I loved this series too, and hated when Dani got her own book. I loved Mac and Barrons and when the story slid away from them, it lost a little of the glow for me too. I enjoyed your review, it’s always nice to see someone else have the same opinion!

  2. Yeah, never been a fan of books dating themselves like that either.
    Also, it’s really weird seeing my name as a character’s name in this review. lol 😛

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