Adulting 101

We did it. We got our pre-approval from the bank to buy a house. That pre-approval is like chum in the water with realtors. It’s also incredibly nerve wracking.


We haven’t even made an offer on anything yet, just in the looking phase, but every house we really like gets an offer on it the day before we’re supposed to go see it. That’s the most frustrating part thus far.

The most amusing part is how much our house shopping depends on our dogs. We’re literally buying a house based the dogs’ needs and preferences. Master bedroom must be on the first floor (must be large enough to fit our king sized bed because you know, the dogs sleep with us), preferably no stairs into or out of the house (well no more than 2 to 3), and fenced or easy to fence.



So if you have any tips or recommendations when it comes to house hunting/buying, I’m all ears! I’ll take all the help I can get.

14 thoughts on “Adulting 101

  1. Lol So true about the dogs. Hey, man, you guys just know your priorities. No shame in that! 😉 Best of luck to you guys in the great house hunt. It will be worth all the stress in the end! ❤

  2. You guys looking for a rancher then? That sounds like the style that would be prefect for what you’re looking for. I abhor stairs…or rather my arthritic knees abhor them (stupid third floor apartment). I mean to be honest, it’s the dogs’ needs that have to go first. I want a house because my cats deserve one.

    I wish I had more advice to give, but I will say good luck and congrats on the approval!

    1. Thanks! A ranch would be good but it doesn’t HAVE to be one either. Just as long as that master bedroom is big and on the first floor, we’re good to go. I plan on adding a bunch of window shelves for the cat too. So she can escape the rambunctious pup and chatter at birds. 🙂

      1. I think ranchers are usually less expensive than two story houses, too, and I’ve heard they’re great for first time home buyers. This is all just what I hear from friends who’ve bought houses. My one BFF bought one with her husband, and their basement is huge. I don’t know if it’s finished yet, but they definitely have the ability to do so.

  3. Over the years, we’ve owned about ten houses, I’ve had a real estate license, and I worked for a builder. Each one is unique but imperfect. One story houses, ranches, are normally more expensive than a two-story, split-level or a cape – takes more land. When we had pets, our number one thing was a convenient door from the mudroom, laundry room, or garage to the outside fenced in yard. It didn’t matter where the bedroom was until we got a little older. 🙂 Find a real estate agency and rep that someone you know recommends. You want them working for you as the buyer and not more interested or required to work on behalf of the seller.

    1. Luckily, one of my customers at the pharmacy runs a real estate agency and hooked me up with one of her people whom I really like. The first house we looked at with her, she said, “Don’t buy this house.” lol. I would really like that convenient mudroom/laundry room. Thanks for the advice!

      1. Once you find the house of your dreams, make sure you also get a recommendation on the person doing the mechanical check to make sure all issues are brought to your attention before closing. That can make or break your feelings about your new house if you suddenly move in and find several things that don’t work. Good luck and happy hunting.

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