Poop Sockin’

That’s pretty much what half of Michigan is doing at this very minute. The high winds on Wednesday knocked out power for a crap ton of people. Like my poor little BFF, Ignited Moth, who was, until that fateful day, writing away madly for Necro Rhino. Now all she can do is catch up on reading books during the day and using her Kindle at night, at least until the battery on that too runs out. She’s a trooper that one. She’ll probably finally get power and completely slay at writing for the next two consecutive weeks.

Me? I didn’t lose anything. I’m just sitting here debating whether to continue reading Fellside by M.R. Carey. Work however, has been an issue since the winds began their wrath. We lost phone, internet, computer servers and it ripped off our business sign. So we closed early, came back today with still no internet or phones. Fortunately, we were able to make a hot spot off my boss’ phone and do some business. It was still mind-numbingly boring though because people were too busy eating in restaurants and running around trying to buy generators. Selfish pricks. Didn’t they know I was bored?

I’m still a little bored, hence, this rambling post.

If you could recommend me one book that I just HAVE to read before I die, what would it be? Opposite of that, if you could recommend a book to NEVER read in my entire life, what would it be?

14 thoughts on “Poop Sockin’

  1. If you haven’t read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you should read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

    Do not read City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments. She literally put in a line that read “the weapon room looked the way a weapon room would look,” there was love triangle with the “plain girl” whose name was Clary (the author is Cassandra CLARE); I’m pretty sure one interest turned out to be her brother because Star Wars, and the other one was a nerdy werewolf/boy (or wolf) next door. In all honesty, I could see these tropes working out taken for laughs. If you’ve read and enjoyed this book, ignore everything I just said.

    Any romance novel that uses the word “tumescence” to describe a particular body part needs to be burned on sight.

    Also, poor Ignited Moth D:

    1. I have read City of Bones! YEARS ago. I liked it at the time and now I just wonder what I was thinking lol. You know it started as a fan fic of Harry Potter? (Yes, one interest DID turn out to be her brother.)
      You’re not the first person to suggest HGthG to me. In fact, Ignited Moth has as well. Guess I should probably give in and add it. 🙂
      I’ve been trying to keep my TBR list under 200……recently shifted that goal to under 300. 😛

      1. I sure do! I was so salty about that because I want to see a novel based on a fanfiction do well, since my novel is based on a fanfiction I wrote. Sadly, the only books I know that fit this bill are City of Bones and Fifty Shades of Gray, dafuq?? 😡 This makes me so grumpy. The one “saving grace” is I’ve read and added a ton of books that have similar tropes to games I love, but I don’t know for certain that the author was inspired by them.

        I was interested in CoB at one point then I saw it came with a recommendation from Stephanie Meyer and was like “Nope.’ Then a friend recommended it to me and I figured I’d give it a try. I got through maybe five chapters and I just couldn’t do it anymore. It was SO cliched like she was trying too hard to make snarky teenagers snarky teenagers. I think there was also a “this coffee is black like my soul” in there somewhere, and I was like “are you fucking kidding me?” This is not to say I don’t like snarky/witty teenagers nor do I really mind if they have Dawson’s Creek syndrome. The Fault in Our Stars is one of my favorite standalone novels, and it has both out the wazoo.

        Omfg Hitchhikers. There’s this one line in one of the books (I forget which one), but it’s an announcer or somebody talking about how great something is, and he says “It’s the bee’s knees. It’s the wasp’s nipples. It’s the erogenous zone of every insect!” I lost it. I’m probably quoting it wrong, too, because it’s late and I’ve drunk too much coffee (it’s why I’m rambling like a dumb ass), but I laughed like a drunk seal for twenty minutes.

      2. Yeah, It was long enough ago that I was probably still partially into the snarky teenager thing, but now I’m getting older and ornrier (sp) and I look at those kind of books and think, “Shut your baby mouths! YOU KNOW NOTHING OF LIFE YOU LITTLE SHITS!”
        I may pick up Hitchhikers from the library if they have it in the next couple of days. I’m in one of those moods where I don’t want to read anything I actually have already lmao.

      3. There’s this meme I saw about watching The Little Mermaid as an adult versus as a teenager. When she says “I’m sixteen years old!” Younger peeps are like “Yeah! You know what’s up.” People like me just laugh our asses off. Oddly enough I’m so different when it comes to the younger crowd. I’m an utterly cynical bitch in real life, but when I’m talking to a kid, and they’re like “I’m gonna be an astronaut!” I’m all like “Yeah you are dude!” completely honest because I’m not going to shit on a kid’s dreams. The world would do that enough, and they’ll realize when they get older that things are hard, but when you get encouragement from a young age, it makes it more likely that you WILL succeed. Teenagers are also often like that because they realize how shitty the world is, and even though they don’t have the experience yet, they start to have that inkling. It’s why there’s the goth/emo phase lol. I just never grew out of it :p

        I’m trying to make a list of books I want to look for at the library, but I need to figure out how they’re going to fit into the rotation.

      4. I went to the library today. Dropped off two books. Picked up four. (One of which is Hitchhiker’s!)
        I always encourage kids too. Not that I see a whole lot of kids. My favorite cousin is 14 and wants to be a wildlife conservationist and I’m supporting that shit 1000%.

      5. I need to get myself to the library. I have a ton of books I could donate, and I want to pick up a few on my library shelf.

        Yup! There’s a good chance they’re going to change this up as the years go by, but it’s honestly just the fact that adults support their decisions that matter! Good god, I sound like I’m giving a motivational speech. Who the hell am I?

  2. Oh! Poor Ignited Moth! She was doing really well too.😕 I’ve seen other posts by bloggers talking about the power being out in Michigan. I guess Pennsylvania’s been really bad as well, and the winds have been roaring here in MA as well. I tried to go for a short walk this morning but had to turn back. As far as your book questions go, I have to agree with Adrienne’s suggestion of HGTTG. I love that book and ever so often reread it. The same with Lord of the Rings. And for a book I’d recommend you never EVER read, well I have to go with Fifty Shades of Gray. I only read that first book when it came out and I still get ticked off every time I think of it.😡 Um, now that I’ve said that, if you’re a fan, I apologize. This is strictly my humble opinion. 💁🏻

    1. Oh, I hate 50 Shades. So you’re perfectly safe in saying that it sucks around here! That will most definitely stay on my, “Won’t Read It Even If It’s the Last Book on Earth” list. 😉

  3. Aw, thanks, luv. *Hugs!* ❤ ❤ ❤
    I plan to do my best playing catch up, so I appreciate your vote of confidence as always! 🙂
    Since you and I talk books all the time and I can't bring anything new to the table on that, so I'll switch it up and recommend COMIC books you should read or avoid! 😉 Well, you're already reading the creme de la creme that is Saga, but I would also suggest the Soulless manga since you already enjoy Gail Carriger.
    As for one to avoid, I'd say I was most recently disappointed with one called "Water Baby". I thought I'd love it. It had sharks and creepy dream sequences with fucked up shark monsters, and somehow I still managed to dislike it. A lot. The writing was just so "meh" and it just didn't come together in the end for me or have much in the way of a good plot. I was so disappointed because I really did want to like it since I'd been a fan of the creator's artwork for a long time. I just wish it had brought so much more to the table.

    1. “Water Baby” might be one of the worst titles to something ever lol. I don’t want to read the Soulless manga until I read the actual series. But I would definitely be interested in it after that.
      You’ll do great writing, boo boo. ❤

      1. lol Thanks! ❤
        Yeah, when I picked up "Water Baby" I thought maybe it was supposed to have something to do with the mythological "water-babies", but it really didn't. It didn't even have much at all to do with anything really.The main character had gotten her arm bit off by a shark while surfing and then she has some weird shark dreams (pretty much the best part of the entire story) but all she does in the real world is go on a road trip with her best friend to drive her idiot ex-boyfriend back home after he tries to crash at her place. I kept reading, hoping for something, and nope. Just nope.
        That makes sense about Soulless. I had started backwards. lol

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