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The Water Knife – Book Review

4 out of 5 stars

Have you ever watched Tank Girl? Or read the comic? The setting for this novel is much like that. In the future, the world is basically a large desert and big companies own all the water and power. People are struggling to survive while states fight over water rights and restrict electricity from poor people. The unfortunate cluster around water pumps run by the Red Cross and buy what little water they can afford from their shitty jobs. They live in slum housing and are battered with dust and dust storms on a regular basis. They pee into contraptions called Clearsacs and drink the water that is cycled through. Gangs run the streets. Police can be bought. Texans are treated like cockroaches. They cannot travel to new cities as militia and border agents kill anyone who gets too close to their state. People pay coyotes to get them further north, most never make it.

The rich live in giant complexes with air conditioning, fountains, nice housing, money, corporate jobs, drugs, prostitutes and all the water they can handle.

When there is dispute between states about who owns the older water rights, sometimes dams end up blasted and the world loses even more water. Whole cities die. Other cities become richer.

Angel is a water knife. A hired assassin who takes out Las Vegas’ rivals.

Lucy is a journalist who’s tired of biting her tongue and not reporting the stories behind the bodies left in empty swimming pools.

Maria is trying her damnedest to get north to freedom. Even if it means having to peddle some ass to get there.

Someone has discovered the nation’s oldest water rights, worth billions, and everyone is throwing their big guns at finding them. There are no rules. Just murder, mayhem and water.

A visceral look at the possibility (read probability) of the future of the human race if we don’t start taking care of our planet.


5 Ways to Make Your Pharmacy Hate You

  1. “Can’t you do it faster?” – Well of course I could. I could just pick some random ass bottle off the shelf, throw it in the RX bottle, not even look at your other meds in case they interact and just hand it to you. Hell, you don’t even have to pay for it!
  2. Drop off compound, expect it done in 15 minutes.  – Why no, we don’t have to combine all of the raw ingredients and use special procedures to mix them together.
  3. Hand us your used tube of vaginal cream. – Even if you didn’t touch your vagina when using this, we’re still skeeved out.
  4. “Why isn’t it on the $4 list?” – This isn’t Wal-Mart.
  5. Insist that the LACK of blue dye in your oxycodone 30 mg upsets your stomach, so could you please swap these white ones with blue ones. –  No, and way to out yourself that you’re selling them on the street.



Feversong – Book Review

The Fever series #9 (Final book)

4 out of 5 stars

There is a hella amount of capslock here, fellas. (Both in this book and at the end of this review.)

I have been head over heels in love with the Fever series all the way up until book 5 (which would have been a great ending), everything after that has been pretty mediocre. It lost it’s magic. Maybe it was shifting perspectives away from Mac and focusing on Dani for an entire fucking book. I’ve always enjoyed Dani’s character but not so much that making it 50% Mac and 50% Dani, was a good idea. Even Mac and Barrons became a little less magnetic. (Which is probably the most distressing thing of it all.)

Despite that, as usual, there is an irresistible attraction to the world that has kept me coming back each time. Two side characters (I won’t name who because that would ruin plot) were really the big draws for this novel. This ending was okay, book five was a much better one.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about never finding out where the Nine originated from. It leaves a sassy little mystery, but at the same time, I want to fucking know damnit.

JUDAS PRIEST would urban fantasy authors stop dating their books with pop culture no one is going to understand (or care about) in the next 10+ years?! I do not want to know that my favorite characters in THIS book, also watches Game of Thrones. THE WORLD IS ENDING, WHY ARE THEY WATCHING HBO?! (Yes, I’m accusing them of watching the show and not reading the books, because they’re SO busy fighting to save the world, and I don’t know how they’re fitting time in to watch TV for an hour as it is, how in the hell would they have time to read an 800+ page book?)

Overall, Dani had a more satisfying ending than Mac. Which is fucked. It will still get a decent star rating because I’m a sucker.

Also, I have this overwhelming feeling that the author is either going to A) continue the series yet again, or B) start another series set in the same world.

Karen Memory – Book Review

2 out of 5 stars

DNF at page 110.

If you’re going to write a story set inside a brothel, in a steam punk old western world , it should be interesting without even trying. But somehow, instead, you’re welcomed to Bland Town with bland MC and a bland story line. In fact, my entire reaction to this is bland….MEH.

Keep on, keepin’ on. There are better books in your future.

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

Another baking from scratch first for me. My boss has an obsession with snickerdoodle cookies (which I made around the holidays and they got his seal of approval), so for his birthday I decided to attempt this recipe for snickerdoodle cupcakes. While they don’t taste exactly like snickerdoodles, they are still rather tasty.

R2D2 watches over the baking process. (He’s actually measuring cups and spoons all in one.)
Finished product.

Recipe Here

Hitchhiker’s Guide – Book Review

2 out of 5 stars


People have been recommending this book to me since I was a teenager, so I finally listened, read it with an open mind and ultimately, I just don’t get it.
Sure there were clever observations about humanity; “If human beings don’t keep exercising their lips, he thought, their mouths probably seize up.”
However, I never once laughed out loud. Maybe it all just went right over my head but I just don’t understand the cult following. (To be perfectly fair, I pretty much always have problems with classics and cult classics.)

Two stars is perfectly respectable rating, it was indeed, okay. (Sorry to my friend’s who I am probably highly disappointing right now.)


Adulting 101

We did it. We got our pre-approval from the bank to buy a house. That pre-approval is like chum in the water with realtors. It’s also incredibly nerve wracking.


We haven’t even made an offer on anything yet, just in the looking phase, but every house we really like gets an offer on it the day before we’re supposed to go see it. That’s the most frustrating part thus far.

The most amusing part is how much our house shopping depends on our dogs. We’re literally buying a house based the dogs’ needs and preferences. Master bedroom must be on the first floor (must be large enough to fit our king sized bed because you know, the dogs sleep with us), preferably no stairs into or out of the house (well no more than 2 to 3), and fenced or easy to fence.



So if you have any tips or recommendations when it comes to house hunting/buying, I’m all ears! I’ll take all the help I can get.

Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy – Book Review

4 out of 5 stars

Women, it seemed, were capable not only of significant acts of treason, but of executing them more deftly than men.”


It’s Women’s History month! What better time to read about rebellious bad ass women who effected the courses of history? Peril be damned, these ladies were not to be stopped. Literally. Imprisoned? Continue spying and exchanging important information from your cell. Broken leg? Drag yourself back up on that horse and keep riding. Confederate general in your house? Continue sneaking Union soldiers through your secret room right under his nose. Exiled to the South? Sneak up to the North to see your relatives anyway.

This book follows four women, two helping the Union and two helping the Confederacy from the beginning of the Civil War until the end. It was genuinely fascinating. One of the ladies was able to sneak Union soldiers back north by dressing them in Confederate uniforms, then the soldiers were to lay at the bottom of a wagon with breathing holes cut into the floor, covered with a tarp, with manure piled on top. Just taking out the dead bodies and manure, y’all. (It worked, a lot.)

If you enjoy history and are looking for some serious feminine power, this is a great read. Even if you don’t agree with some of the ladies’ opinion, the sheer will and power these women flexed during times when women were just to be cozy homemakers is awesome to behold. They’re just a few of many who helped pave the way for women today.

Her comrades spread stories about women being exposed in the ranks, and such stories seemed to grow more numerous by the day.”


Fellside – Book Review

2 out of 5 stars

DNF at page 89.

I just could not engage in this story. The writing was beautiful but the characters were pretty bland. Was I supposed to feel bad for a junkie accused of accidental murder? Was she supposed to appeal to me because she wanted to die for what she did and the only way she could accomplish it was starving herself to death? Because I didn’t, I don’t. I don’t even care what the true story behind it is because I was just so bored.

Giving it two stars because the writing was very well done, everything else, not so much.