I won’t pretend that the current presidential administration hasn’t inspired me to do many things in opposition to them. Peaceful protest, signing numerous petitions, watching politics closely, no longer restraining my tongue against ignorance, supporting the free press, educating myself on the issues and researching politicians.

A recent discussion with The Shameful Narcissist and then with my husband, has fueled yet another quest in opposition. I’ve felt for a few years now that I missed my calling as a biologist, so after we purchase our first house, we’re both going to look into going back to school. Myself for environmental science and my husband for information technology. As my husband so eloquently said, “There’s no reason not to.”

Unfortunately neither one of us can quit our jobs and go to school full time (especially after buying a house) so it will be several years before I can even complete my Associate’s Degree but I’m excited none the less. FOR SCIENCE!


8 thoughts on “SCIENCE!

  1. After high school, I graduated from a business school so I could get a paying job which then allowed me to take courses at a junior college. Then I took courses at a junior college after getting married. That stopped when we had a family. After my daughter graduated high school, I went back and got my BA degree in Human Resources. I was lucky that I worked for a company that had tuition reimbursement which paid almost all of the expenses. Going to school as an adult is so much better than as a teen – you have a lot more vested in it and your mind is open to learning. Enjoy every moment in the classroom. 🙂

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