Tempting Danger – Book Review

3 out of 5 stars

Tempting Danger has been in my TBR list for a long time. So I bit the silver bullet and bought it recently in a lovely little book haul.

I had high hopes and will have to admit, they weren’t quite met.

The urban fantasy tropes ran rampant throughout the entire novel. Strong/stubborn female MC who works in law enforcement (any form), dripping sex alpha werewolf male lead who just so happens to be rich and a playboy, and instantaneous love/lust. The use of practically every trope under the sun had me rolling my eyes almost as often as the terrible come-ons did. The one my mind refuses to forget, β€œPut yourself inside of me.”

Wait, what?

Did two horny teenagers that don’t know how to dirty talk just hook up?

Based on all of these things, you’re probably thinking that I hated it. I didn’t. There were a couple neat tweaks on the werewolves, other paranormal creatures and pretty good characters. I still had fun while rolling my eyes across my skull. I’ll give the second book in the series a try before I make a firm decision whether to continue.


6 thoughts on “Tempting Danger – Book Review

  1. I would’ve died laughing at that line. You really have to ask yourself if the author read that one aloud and decided it was okay. I’m saying this, and I’ve let some pretty awful ones slip past that have had me shaking my head in the future.

    1. I guess maybe SHE (the author) thought it was hot, but I imagined myself as the guy and if a girl said that me….I would bust out laughing and then probably not have sex with them because they have the mentality of a teenager (or secretly are one). Or my dirty talk is at porn star level and I’m being too judgmental lol.

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