Dragonfly in Amber – Book Review

Read February 2017

Outlander #2

4 out of 5 stars

So I do this slightly weird thing where I watch a season of Outlander on Starz, then in between seasons, read the book that corresponds to it. This way I can get my fix almost year round.

I think this has been one of the best book to TV adaptations that I’ve seen so far. Season 2 strayed a bit more from book 2 but I was still impressed with the amount of dialogue that came directly from the book. The plot line was mostly the same as well with slight variations. Some events were painted in lighter or darker tones on the TV show.

At the end of this book I was left wondering where things could possibly go. Since there are several more novels, it must go somewhere. I’m excited to find out. Although, waiting several months between the books and the next season, it will probably be a few years before I’m completely caught up.

That’s okay though because I’m in no rush to be done with Jamie Fraser.



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