Outlander – Book Review

Read February 2016

5 out of 5 stars

First, let me start that I am one of those people that watched the TV show before trying out the books. That being said, I regret nothing. Because the show led me to the book which was much like watching the show but more detailed. I am really impressed how well the show actually stuck to the book. Sure some things were different of course, but much of the dialogue was taken directly from the novel.

Second, that being said, I don’t really know how to review this. I love both book and show. If you like historical fiction, a good romance, action and tons of adventure, I would highly recommend this.

It took me a week to read. I read it before work, on my lunches and when I got home. I might have fit a few life things in, but they weren’t top priority.

All that being said, I could also understand someone not liking this one bit. There are dark, graphic, fucked up things that happen. If you hated history class, it’s likely not for you either.

I find myself, in my head, using a Scottish accent occasionally now. If I tried it out loud, I have no doubt I’d botch it.



8 thoughts on “Outlander – Book Review

  1. Yeee! Can’t wait for the next season of the show!
    Glad you enjoyed the book so much. I think your show, then book, then show, then book plan is a good one, because just watching the show I seem to be suffering from a serious Jamie Fraser deficiency between seasons. lol
    PS- love the Murtagh pic/caption at the bottom. 😛

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