SAGA – Comic Review

saga_vol1-1 saga_vol2-1


Cupcakes’ first attempt at an actual comic review:

5 out of 5 stars

Two star-crossed lovers abandon the war between their worlds to raise their newborn daughter while being dogged by bounty hunters left and right.

I mean, that one sentence literally explains the first two volumes in the series and I CANNOT GET ENOUGH.

Each time I finish a volume, I fight the demanding urge to run to the local comic book store and pick up the next one. Why do I resist? Trying to save money is stupid. ._.

BUT, it also means one day I’ll get to go on an epic book/comic buying spree and THAT will be an epic adventure.

Not quite as epic as out-running bounty hunters across the galaxy though. For that, you have to pick up SAGA.


5 thoughts on “SAGA – Comic Review

  1. Woo! This series seriously is perfection. Nice to see it getting all the mad love it deserves. I’m planning on posting a review of vol. 2 sometime this week as well since I just finished reading it last night. Dat cliffhanger! :O
    And yay for your first big comic review! Next time we hang out I’ll have a couple titles you might enjoy from my birthday comic haul if you’re interested in borrowing them. I haven’t read it yet, but I hear Monstress is amazinggg. 🙂
    Let’s just be rich already so we can go on epic comic shopping sprees!

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