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Let’s face it. If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, I am not a quiet woman. I’m starting a new section of this blog to dedicate to political things. Now, maybe you come here for the book reviews, or baking recipes or cute pet photos, those things will still be my main focus. But, as a woman, living in Trump nation, well, I’ve got some shit to say about that.

So if you don’t like it, feel free to skip those ones by. Or unfollow me. Because here’s the thing, I’ve spent most of my life not giving two fucks if someone likes me and now that I’m older and even more comfortable in my skin, I don’t give three fucks if someone likes me.

With all that sass being said, introducing  –Light My Fire.




13 thoughts on “New Section

  1. Seriously just get louder. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m much shyer in real life and I hate confrontation. I don’t do so many blatant political posts on my blog, but best believe I never shut up about it on social media, and people who don’t like it can unfollow/unfriend me #honeybadgerdontcare

    No one ever made positive changes in history by being silent about things that matter.

    1. Ha! My Facebook has SO much more political shit on it lol. This I’m going to relegate to covering hypocritical shit and probably what it’s like protesting (and why that is important) since I’m planning to attend the March on Science in April.

      1. Ahhh, I want to go to the Science March so badly, but I don’t know if my stupid health problems will let me. If the endo appointment I have in March does any good, then I’ll be there will bells on. I studied psych and English and write fantasy, but science is the best way of knowing the world, it doesn’t require belief, and it’s honestly what’s going to save us/fix world problems.

        Facebook is a fucking mine field of political shit, and it inevitably turns into a screaming match. I try not to live in a bubble, but there are some people whom you can’t reason with, and then there are the “give him a chance” people I want to throttle. I cannot WAIT to see you eviscerate the nonsense.

      2. I should clarify, I’ll be going to the March on Science close to me. I would love to do the one in D.C. but that would be quite the trip while trying to save money.
        Science is the answer to everything!

      3. I’m sure there will be one in most major cities. That’s what happened with the Women’s march in January. The city that I live next to, isn’t incredibly big but it’s very liberal so they join causes left and right. The mayor wrote a beautiful post about not enforcing the immigration ban. The colleges also refused to release the immigration status’ of their students.

      4. Philly has declared itself a sanctuary city, which makes me incredibly proud. I am pissed of at Penn State (again…) for some bullshit posting about “illegal immigrants” or some nonsense. I’d tear that shit down if I were that. Oh, and in the same week, Jerry Sandusky’s son was arrested for pedophilia, too. Talk about a place that has NO moral ground to stand on 😡

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