Behind the Throne – Book Review

4.5 out of 5 stars

At first, I wasn’t sure that I was going to enjoy this. The writing was fairly simplistic and the protagonist I was neutral to. The world building could be more in-depth but wasn’t poor by any means. Essentially I spent the first several chapters wondering where this was going and if it was going to be any good. It was a skittish rabbit, it could bolt in either direction.

Fast-forward several more chapters and I was obsessed. Putting it down made me grumpy. The pages flew by with great ease and before I knew, it was over and I was left craving more.

I accredit this to great characters and a compelling storyline.

Hail is a legendary gunrunner. At least she has been for the past twenty years. But she’s also always secretly been an heir to a grand empire. A secret she guarded closely while building her outlaw reputation. She had sisters that could take her place in the line of succession so she put that world behind her and built herself something new while hunting for her father’s murderer. Even twenty years later the past can come rushing up to claim you and Hail is dragged kicking and fighting back to the empire she left behind. Her sisters have been murdered, her queen mother is dying and the empire needs her for stability. Captured by two Trackers, she is forced back to the throne and must navigate oceans of politics and contain her temper while trying to keep a kingdom from falling apart.

War is brewing and sometimes you need an outlaw with a smart mouth to fight the good fight for you.


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