Clovenhoof – Book Review

3 out of 5 stars

Satan has been fired from his position as overlord of Hell. A board was put together and it was deemed that he had been slacking. Cast out onto Earth, Satan, also known as Jeremy Clovenhoof, is forced to live the life of a human. With “help” from his slutty neighbor upstairs and the lonely nerd neighbor across the hall, he does his best to be human.

As one could imagine, funny shenanigans ensue. There wasn’t much resembling a plot until the last 15% of the book where it was all thrown in and then neatly wrapped up with a little red bow.

I was entertained three-quarters of the way through. The last quarter I was just ready to move onto something else. It’s a fun little read but nothing that I’m going to demand that you rush out and buy this second.



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