House Rules – Book Review

Chicagoland Vampires #7

3 out of 5 stars

This series started out so strong but then the author started using the same formula for every book in the series. Trouble brews in Chicago, Merit and Ethan are thrown in the middle of it, will their relationship survive or won’t it? They solve mystery and work out their relationship.

No matter what happens, even if the action is good, the mystery thrilling, just seeing a repeat of the same formula every time gets under my skin. I’m so tired of the relationship drama that I could spit. (Not on the book, I’m not the Devil.) At this point, I wish Merit would dump Ethan and explore options with Jonah, as he is a much more enjoyable male character.

I’ve read the synopsis for the next book and I can’t say that it thrills me any. Quite honestly, it looks to be a repeat of another, “Oh no! Chicago is in trouble! Can Merit and Ethan save the day?! Will their relationship survive the test?!”


Maybe one day, if I’m bored and for some unforeseen reason, curious, I’ll pick up the series again and see how it goes. *Grumps off into the horizon.*


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