That Holiday Hustle

Woooo. I am tired. That week leading up to Christmas was crazy at the pharmacy. Everyone wanted their meds, not only before the holiday but before the end of the year. Everyone crams as many meds as their insurance will pay for before the beginning of the year when their deductible resets. That being said, the next four days before the New Year are bound to be chaos once again.

But I have today off and plan to spend it recharging my batteries. Of course there are things that I should get done, but I most likely won’t. My only real agenda is to write a review for The Hero of Ages. I’ve lost my husband for the foreseeable future to Pokemon Sun, Watch Dogs 2 and completing FFXV, so I should have plenty of time to write.

I was going to hold off reading any more books until the New Year but decided to throw one more book in because I can’t go more than a day or two without reading. So I borrowed House Rules (book #7) in the Chicagoland Vampire series from the library because I could not decide what I felt like reading. The series started out strong but began slowly teetering downwards. I have a feeling that this may be the last book in the series that I read but we’ll see how it goes. If there is one more relationship flip-flop with the two main characters, I’ll have to resist throwing my Kindle at the wall.

Baking. I hope you’re ready for some extreme baking in 2017. My husband and roommate/friend went in together and bought me a stand mixer. They watched me struggle mixing various recipes the days leading up to Christmas, all the while knowing a solution to my problems lay waiting 10 feet away. They are now referring to it as my ‘last trials.’  No more straining my puny human arms making tasty treats!

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and got some really sweet stuff. What was your favorite thing you received this year??

12 thoughts on “That Holiday Hustle

  1. Those recipes with cream cheese are going to be sooooo much easier to blend now! Congrats on your new baking companion! Can’t wait to see more delicious recipes in 2017. 😀
    My favorite thing I got would have to be the new laptop my parents bestowed me with. They saw how crappy my old one had gotten and were like “you can’t write with that thing.” lol Plus, it motivates me to get some serious writing done in 2017 now! 🙂
    Glad you had such a merry Christmas and get a day to relax. ❤

  2. You will probably never see your husband again. All those games you mentioned are beasts hehe. It’s funny how people only think retail chains that focus on more holiday oriented things get busier around this time of the year, but *everything* does. When I worked at the bank, that was busier because people come in to do more withdrawals, and those holiday oriented businesses come in to do more deposits. It’s a crazy time of year.

    I got a Kindle Fire, $250 in Amazon gift cards, and The Last Story video game. I just spent around $100 on books from Amazon, and I have a $50 GC to Barnes and Noble, which means…MORE BOOKS.

    1. I didn’t get anything book related this year! To be completely fair, I’m really hard to shop for in that department until I give someone a list or they give me a gift card too. Except for my best friend because she has access to my GoodReads TBR list lol. Those are awesome presents! I LOVE my Kindle Fire!
      Mu husband beat FFXV so it’s just Watch Dogs 2 and Pokemon now and I STILL didn’t get my book review done. I finished that other book instead and then was incredibly lazy the rest of the day lol.

      1. I’d much rather have a gift card to a bookstore (which I did get!). I’m really happy with the Fire so far. Since my phone has been cracked for like two years, it’s a bit hard to read books on it. I can, but I have to be sort of a visual wizard hehe. I’ll get it fixed eventually (maybe), but I’m so used to it by this point that looking at clear screens is like “Ooooo.”

        I’m trying to finish two more books this year so I get to my twenty! I’m 70% in one and about halfway through another. I don’t know if I’ll make it. Definitely crunch time.

      2. I’m doing the opposite. I’m trying not to read anything until New Year’s Eve lol. I read roughly 72 books this year? So I want the next one to count for next year. STILL have to finish two book reviews before the end of the year though. I’ve been lazy.

      3. You are a reading master and I bow to your superior reading speed skills. You’re pretty up and up on the reviews from my viewpoint! I need to write one since I managed to finish a book on my Kindle in between the overtime work I had to do. That was advantageous along with the extra money I’m going to get.

      4. I have 100 waiting to be read on myself. (Maybe slightly less as I have been putting a mild dent in them.) So I really can’t complain too much but there are several that I don’t own and I’ve been dying to read.

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