Krampus: The Yule Lord – Book Review

(Read December 2015)

4 out of 5 stars

“I, Krampus, Lord of Yule, son of Hel, bloodline of the great Loki, swear to cut your lying tongue from your mouth, your thieving hands from your wrists and your jolly head from your neck.”

Do you really need to know anymore to decide that yes, you are going to read this?

Oh you do?

Well aren’t you a greedy little shit? Keep this up. Krampus has special plans for you.


7 thoughts on “Krampus: The Yule Lord – Book Review

  1. Wait. Wait. OMG this just gave me a kick-ass story idea, kind of like those spins on fairy tales that are so in right now. Hmm, perhaps I’ll have something special for next Christmas…

  2. Perfect time of the year to spread the Krampus love/terror. 😛 This was a fun book. Your review reminded me that I still want to check out Brom’s other books, The Plucker, and The Child Thief. 🙂

      1. Indeed! And in an odd chance of fate I just discovered that my mom actually has a copy of The Plucker on one of her bookshelves. If you ever wanna give it a read I’m sure she’d be okay with you borrowing it. 🙂 I know you’re waist-deep in epic fantasy for now though, so just lemme know if/when the mood strikes.

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