The Well of Ascension – Book Review

5 out of 5 stars

So you and your friends have defeated a god and you thought life would be all peachy keen jelly bean, from now on didn’t you? WRONG.

Vin and crew struggle to run Luthadel since defeating the Lord Ruler one year ago. Elend is king and trying desperately to implement a fair rule. He put together a council to be the voice of the people but things are rapidly back firing. The nobleman and newly freed skaa people view him as a weak king and with not one but three armies knocking at the city gates, his image isn’t being helped any. Breeze, Clubs, Dox, Spook and Ham are doing their best to assist him but with a small army and the city under siege, there is only so much they can do. Things are beginning to look hopeless. Kelsier may have freed the people from one ruler, only to be overtaken by another vicious nobleman.

The icing on the Mistborn cake is that Vin and Elend are having some relationship issues. Vin still isn’t 100% sure who she is as a person. (What teenager is?) Elend is spending all his time trying to extend his rule and save his people. Enter a confident Mistborn enemy who tries to pit the two against each other. Relationships have crumbled over less.

There were a lot of times throughout this novel that I was wondering, “Vin?! What the flying fuck is wrong with you?!” But that is the way with books that you’re extremely passionate about, you end up yelling at them. Hopefully only your husband is listening and is completely used to it and pretends like nothing weird just happened. Despite my constant worry that Vin was going to completely fuck things up, I had a really great time. I don’t know why I waited almost two years to read book 2, but OMG THAT FUCKING ENDING PICKING UP BOOK 3 RIGHT THIS DAMN MINUTE!



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