Winter of Epic Fantasy

Every winter becomes my “Winter of Epic Fantasy” as soon as the snow hits. I don’t really know why but the snow seems to set an even better mood for epic fantasy. Or maybe it’s just because I don’t want to go outside for as many hours as possible. Add being cuddled on the couch under mounds of blankets and my critters all around me and really why would I want to move?

The snow is holding out on me this year. We’ve had one dusting and it all melted by morning. But that doesn’t hold this girl back! I started anyway. I finally picked up the second book in the original Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. It’s been almost two years since I read the first book and absolutely loved it. Why did it take me so long to pick up the second?

I have this wonderful habit of starting a series and then starting another series and then starting another series. So my only reading goal for 2017 is finishing up some of those series and I’m getting a jump start on it.

So, since most of my favorite epic fantasy tales are 800+ pages long, I would be going pretty long in between posting book reviews. Luckily, I have two years worth of reviews that I’ve already done on Goodreads so I will share those while reading my epic monsters.

I encourage you, my dear book dragons, to spend the winter indulging in some epic fantasy as well. (It is after all, theΒ bestΒ genre.)

What epic fantasy series do you need to catch up on?


28 thoughts on “Winter of Epic Fantasy

      1. I was heartbroken when Kelsier died. But I continued on, I did have a rough time during book 2 with Vin but she came around thankfully.
        I think Sazed and Elend are my favorites now.

    1. I really didn’t like the way Vin acted in book 2 especially with how she treated that shadow creature. Ugh, I forget his name, but I just found it offsetting that she’d been abused/mistreated, and she was doing it to someone else.

      1. I didn’t quite like Vin in book 1 itself actually. She didn’t seem all that capable to me but her character was developed well – considering how she didn’t trust anyone to begin with.

      2. It’s one of those shows that I absolutely love while I’m watching it, but I’ll forget about unless I see something about it when I’m not. It’s fun though, and I’m happy my BFF got me into it. It’s one of the many I need to catch up on :p

      3. That’s good to hear. I can’t wait to see what you have to say about the third book. I didn’t finish the second (I wrote an unfinished review about it), but the story was intriguing, and I wouldn’t mind reading a spoilerific review :p

    1. Not me. I seem to have ADD when it comes to reading. “Oh, that series is going to be fantastic! But let’s see how the first book in this series is, I’ve heard good things.” So on and so forth lol.

  1. I’ve had the first Mistborn book on my shelf for a few years now (friend gave me his copy), but just haven’t gotten to it. And now I’ve been reading only exclusively older SFF…but maybe I’ll get to it this year!

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