Cream Cheese Cranberry Bread

Have you been looking for a show stopping recipe to bring to family gatherings this holiday season? Then I present my early holiday present to you, good bloggers! This may be my favorite recipe this year so far. Don’t let it intimidate you, it is surprisingly easy. But pay attention to my advice below and avoid disaster the first time around. (It took to me two batches to be successful and I will explain why.)


My first batch was done in a regular loaf pan. While it tasted great, my down fall came when it was time to get the bread OUT of the pan. The bread proves to be rather heavy and it simply fell out in chunks despite being properly greased. So this batch was eaten with fingers directly from the pan. While not a horrible thing to do while at home, at a family event you’ll probably get your hands slapped and be yelled at about your terrible manners.

So with my second batch, I purchased disposable tin bread loaf pans. They were smaller than my regular pans so I used 3 tin pans instead of 2 regular loaf pans. This way, should I need to, I could simply cut off the pan and then serve on a plate sliced to perfection. This was the way to go. Mission successful.



Recipe Here



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