Bah Hum Bug

Oi, the holidays. And aren’t we just getting started? Usually I really enjoy the holidays, this year, especially after Thanksgiving, I’m feeling pretty Grinchy. All I really want to do is prepare for winter to hit. Prepare meaning, I have a sufficient supply of books, coffee, cocoa, and blankets because I’m not leaving the house unless I absolutely have to. I can handle any amount of snow the universe wants to throw at me, but bitter cold is another thing altogether.

I literally just spent 10 minutes trying to find an appropriate coffee addiction meme. However, every single fucking one of them was not an acceptable file type. Coffee meme people, get your shit together!

So, ahem, I’ve been absent thanks to holiday crap. Now it’s time to add coffee to an IV bag and get caught up on things. Including all your lovely blogs, I’ve been a bad blog friend and I intend to make things right! I made a bomb ass bread recipe that I’ll be sharing here soon. The new kid at work was finally was fired. I can’t even tell you how happy that made me but it does mean that I’ll be working a lot more weekends until we hire another pharmacy technician who can handle their shit. I have high standards so it may take awhile.

Forthcoming book reviews:


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9 thoughts on “Bah Hum Bug

  1. I’m feeling a little less in the holiday spirit this year myself. I’m usually a happy, little, Christmas goth, but this year I really couldn’t care less. Maybe I’ll summon up the energy before the holiday hits, but I hope Santa isn’t depending on my belief for his sled to fly.

      1. Ack me too! I LOVE giving presents, but I hate surprises myself. I don’t know how to react and I hate being the center of attention. To make this worse my husband’s family does a thing where we go around opening presents so every gets a turn literally being the center of attention D:

      2. Ha! That’s how my family does it too! I don’t mind though because my aunt coached me since I was young at faking being excited/gracious. Like one time, one of my cousins straight up told my uncle she hated the gift he got her, I was mortified. My aunt said my jaw dropped and I just stared at her lmao.
        Now my husband’s family is the type that everyone starts opening presents at the same time and I hate it because I expect to see joy (fake or not) on the faces of people as they open the presents I got them. As long as they at least fake that they like it, I’m happy.

      3. My jaw is on the floor right now with the thought. Omg, I can’t even imagine telling someone I hated the gift they got me. It’s just not done. You fake like it if you have to and then either return it or regift it. One time my sister in law got me a basket of bodywash and whatnot, and I have skin so sensitive I can’t even have commoners breathing on it #superposh It was a beautiful basket,t too. I just ended up regifting it. There’s just a certain amount of decorum and politeness you do because even if you hate something, the person thought of you and tried!

  2. That bread was glorious! My whole family loved it. Even my brother, the pickiest eater I know. 🙂 I hope you feel less Grinchy soon!! 😦 Usually I’m the Grinchy one and you’re the high-spirited gift-wrapping, tree-decorating Christmas elf with enough hot cocoa running through her veins to knock over a diabetic elephant!

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