All Hallow’s Eve

To celebrate our anniversary, my husband and I went out to nice little tavern that serves lots of Michigan craft beer and then attended a nerd rap concert.


Our money situation was limited so with things we already had around the house, I went as a panda and he went as his idol King Diamond.

The concert was Mega-Ran, MC Lars and MC Chris. We’re not really MC Lars fans so we hung around outside with friends while he was on but Mega-Ran was bad ass as always and MC Chris was a lot of fun too. Definitely worth $16 a ticket. Plus, the costumes were rather on point last night. We didn’t stick around for the costume contest afterwards though because that bear suit was about to kill me with heat.

I did get to meet the wonderfully gracious Mega-Ran after he played:


If you’re not familiar with Mega-Ran, I highly suggest you check him out. A certain someone, The Shameful Narcissist, should REALLY check him out if she hasn’t since he has an entire album dedicated to FFVII called Black Materia. (I’ll even insert the link to one of the best songs off the album since I can’t post videos apparently: Avalanche)


9 thoughts on “All Hallow’s Eve

      1. Aww lol Well, that’s no good! At least your panda makeup didn’t sweat off for your photo with Mega-Ran. I guess then it just would have looked like your were rocking corpse paint in a bear onesy. 😛 Omg now I totally want to see a black metal band donned in bear

      1. I like old school like Tupac and Biggie! I pretty much like every genre/type of music though classical is probably my favorite (I know omg I’m SUCH a snob), but that encompasses so much stuff, and I’m probably really into it because of video game music and growing up in choir.

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