Brain Droppings – Book Review

General update first: On the heels of finally getting better from hives, my husband’s grandmother is in the hospital with pneumonia and my aunt is in the hospital with an incredibly severe case of E.Coli. So between work and hospital visits, this blog is going to be back-logged for a hot minute. Hopefully things turn around in the next week and I can get back to my usual shenanigans.

3 out of 5 stars

“Milk Chocolate is for schmucks.”

A sentiment that I can definitely get behind. Hail to dark chocolate baby!

Anywho, this is exactly as titled. Brain droppings from the late, great George Carlin. Any random idea, thought process or insult that came to mind, made it to this scrapbook like collection of humor. Not something that most people would sit down and read all in one go, but something to make you feel better on your lunch break after dealing with the public for several hours. An offensive little pick-me-up.

“They try to blame movies and TV for violence in this country. What a load of shit. Long before there were movies and television, Americans killed millions of Indians, enslaved millions of blacks, slaughtered 700,000 of each other in a family feud, and attained the highest murder rate in history. Don’t blame Sylvester Stallone. We brought these horrifying genes with us from Europe, and then we gave them our own special twist. American know-how!”

“Sex always has consequences. When Hitler’s mother spread her legs that night, she effectively canceled out the spreading of fifteen to twenty million other pairs of legs.”

4 thoughts on “Brain Droppings – Book Review

  1. He was a genius ahead of his time and is still sorely missed. I’d LOVE to hear what his insights on the current shit show of a political climate in America would be.

    Geez dude, when it rains it pours. I’m not really a prayers type of person, but I always send best wishes. This has been a crappy day for health. My other friend had to take her daughter to the ER then she was rushed for surgery due to a burst appendix. Ugh, can this year end??

    1. It’s funny because in this, he mentions what a shit show he thinks America has become and I’m over here like, “If you only you could see it now Georgie boy!” lol.
      I am SO ready for this to be over with! I appreciate the best wishes!

  2. Really wishing things get better soon, luv. ❤ Glad that the hives have finally lifted their horrid curse of terribleness from you though. I can't believe how long they lasted, especially with you taking stuff for them. Hopefully they stay away.
    Glad this book was able to give you an offensive little pick-me-up here and there! 🙂

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