Polly Pissy Pants Post

So that hideous rash? HIVES. Hives that I cannot figure out why the fuck they are plaguing me. To every single person who has had to experience this, I’m sorry. You do not deserve this type of warfare befall upon yourself for simply existing. Hopefully, you were able to discover the cause of your intense allergic reaction. I have not, and it is maddening. I am ready to flay myself. Where is Ramsey Bolton when you actually need a sadistic bastard to do your bidding?

Clearly, this has left me incredibly cranky and tired as shit. Having to fix not one but two vehicles didn’t help my mood either. Add to the fact, that I got nothing done that I had planned for the weekend. Polly Pissy Pants may be my new permanent title if these hives don’t fuck off.

My reading has been sporadic and delayed and quite frankly, all over the fucking place. I try to do myself the service of not reading more than two books at a time. But book ADD has kicked into full swing and I have four going at once. The fourth book is firmly blamed upon my younger cousin as I was hanging out with him today while the vehicle was being fixed and he insisted I read it. Damn book wyrm cousin! (I’m really enjoying it so far though so don’t read that as me actually being mad. It may be the one thing that did not make me cranky today.)


Still not entirely sure about this one. Characters are interesting but I’m little worn out on the werewolves = white trash trope. We’ll see how it ends before I give any official opinion on it.


I love George Carlin. I’m reading this on my lunches at work which is really the only way to read it. These are literally braindroppings. Anything he found mildly interesting and/or funny found their way here. 


I want to be more one-with-the-Earth and in doing so, wanted to research more into Druidism. Borrowing this from a friend as a starting point.


This is the book my little cousin thrust at me. It was on my to-read list anyway and I had time to kill so why not? I’m about 75 pages in and it’s definitely intriguing.

Polly Pissy Pants OUT!

21 thoughts on “Polly Pissy Pants Post

  1. Hives! Oh Dear. I can completely relate because I get them every once in a while. No one’s been able to figure out what’s causing it beyond that it somehow related to my wonky immune system. I’ve found that taking oatmeal baths and using chamomile lotion hello. Also, I’ve had some luck with Benadryl. I hope yours disappear quickly!🙋🏻

    1. I’m at day 5 now and it’s only gotten worse. I’m keeping those oatmeal baths and chamomile lotion in mind! Benadryl has not been doing the trick unfortunately. Back to the doctor I go. =/

  2. Awww, I hope your hives clear up and stay away soon, luv! ❤ I remember all too well how incredibly frustrating they are. (Your Ramsey Bolton line cracked me up though btw.) 😛
    I still need to get around to finishing M.P.H.F.P.C. Glad to hear you're liking it though so far. 🙂
    Reading ADD is tough. I frequently find myself there too. I hope things get better soon and that your hives become a horrid thing of the past.

    1. They are worse than ever this morning so I have an appointment with a real doctor (Urgent care doctors are no longer real to me) at 11:30 today. Had to call into work. Flaying sounds better and better by the minute.

  3. Ugh as a member of the sensitive skin club I feel for you. I’m like the freaking princess and the pea over here and will break out if I wear what I now refer to as “inferior metal” aka anything with nickel in it. Hell, my wedding rings started breaking me out when it was past time for them to be cleaned, because apparently white gold has nickel in it (whaaaaat?). Honestly, someone could’ve breathed on your wrong, but the fact that it’s not going away is troubling. Hope you figure it out soon. Oatmeal was my friend when I was much, much younger, because yeah, sensitive skin.

    1. I stocked up on aveeno bar soap and fragrance free laundry detergent. I’m desperate to try anything at this point. I can’t figure out how it happened so the options are, someone breathed on me wrong like you said, or stress related. Zyrtec is my new best friend though.

      1. Do you remember if you did or went anywhere different? Wait you’re a pharmacists right? Nah, you guys wear gloves. Hm. God, I LOVE the game of “Why the hell am I breaking out?” So much fun.

      2. Ha. I’ve been thinking on it all week and I think it has to have been stress. I didn’t think I was that stressed out, but maybe I was. But I’ve thought back on everything I came into contact with the day before it happened and I have already had contact with all of those things before. Biology is weird. =/

      3. An alien sneezed on you to see how you’d react to germs on their planet. You have passed the test and the mother ship is probably on its way to pick you up. Don’t even ask. I don’t know why I think this kind of weird shit lol.

        Tell them to swing by PA and pick me up. I so want off this planet.

  4. Crap! I meant to comment on the books! I’m curious your take on Miss Peregrine. I enjoyed it though I had some caveats. George Carlin is a genius, and I should add that particular book to my list. The werewolves=white trash is already annoying me, and I haven’t really experienced that trope yet, and I’ve read the Sirona Knight book! I believe that’s the one I have. Ah wait, I read Celtic Traditions by her! Similar stuff.

    1. I’m trying to finish Mongrels and then focus on Miss Peregrine. The George Carlin book is good but not something I would sit down and read for more than 15 minutes. It’s literally ramblings, interesting ones, but it can get old any longer than that.
      Not far in the celtic book either since I’m being bad and reading 4 at once lol.

      1. I’m on the four train right now, too lol. I have my fantasy, reference, classic, and kindle. I read the latter sometimes at work shhhhh.

        I can see the Carlin book being like that. It’s kind of how I’m reading The World of Ice and Fire. It’s a history of a fictional world, but so in depth. I read 1-3 pages at a time since it’s an oversized volume.

      2. That is probably the funnest historical fiction text book ever. I really enjoyed it. Plus, it feels so cool to carry around because it’s big and bulky and you could probably knock someone out with it. 😛

      3. “Can I have Things I Think About, Too for $1000, Alex?” I constantly think of whacking people over the head with large books if they try to start anything with me. I’m not a truly violent person, but them thoughts though.

      4. This is my BFFs life like every day at work. She’ll be eating her lunch, checking her phone, and someone will come up to her and start a conversation. Like I get people have varying social skills, but if someone is not paying attention to you, it’s not an invitation to start a conversation.

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