NOS4A2 – Book Review

4 out of 5 stars

I know it’s not fair to compare a newer author with their legendary author parent, but I’m doing it anyway.

Once upon a time, I used to really enjoy Stephen King books. Then there came a time when I began to feel that King wasn’t really trying anymore. He had a famous name so he could crap something out and people would praise his genius, regardless of if it was actually good or not. I was not one of those people. I was still a teenager when I dumped King. He and I were not seeing eye to eye anymore. I began to feel that his characters were repetitive from book to book, not to mention just down right boring. If I don’t care what happens to your characters, how is it going to effect me when something bad happens to them? It’s not. And if I can skip to about the middle of your book and feel like I haven’t missed anything important, then you’re spending too much time building crappy worlds and crappier plot lines.

To be honest, that’s how I felt Hill’s book was going to be. It’s thick and I thought to myself, “This is going to be one of those cases were they could have cut multiple boring parts and been better off for it.”


Oh-ho-hoooo was I wrong.

Good on you Joe Hill. Good on you. You are so much better than your dad.

From start to finish this book was a thrill ride. No parts were boring. None. The villians were creepy as shit. The world building was brilliant. The main character was a hot fucking mess who thought she was going crazy and who turned into a down right bad ass when she found out she wasn’t. She was lethal and ruthless and I fucking loved her.

Vic swallowed air, exhaled slowly.
“Oh, she’s been all kinds of busy,” Vic said. “Most recently she’s been helping Bing redecorate his basement. I felt like it needed some color down there, so I painted the walls with the motherfucker.”

My only problems with this novel are some pharmaceutical inaccuracies. You cannot take Oxycontin and be high 2 minutes later unless you crush and snort it. First, since it was swallowed, it would take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to get through your digestive system. Then, Oxycontin is extended release so it releases it’s pain killing effects over a period of about 8 hours. Of course you can still take a lot of it and get high but you’re going to still have to wait at least a half hour, not 2 minutes, before feeling anything.
Also, Oxycontin is more expensive than heroin. Not the other way around as stated in the book. Street value is about $1 a milligram. Where as you can get heroin for about $10. Hence why oxy users usually become heroin addicts. Heroin is cheaper and easier to access.

Sounds like someone needs a friend in pharmacy.


17 thoughts on “NOS4A2 – Book Review

  1. lol I love the gifs for this. 😛 I will definitely get around to reading this some day (hopefully sooner than later). Also, I read the plot for The Fireman after you sent me the recommendation and it does sound very interesting! I love his writing in Locke & Key so I definitely need to branch out and read his novels too.

  2. I’ve heard that about Stephen King. It’s the same thing with Laurell K Hamilton. You get big and you can pump out anything for your loyal fans to purchase. Not me. If I don’t like it and/or I see you’ve taken that route, I stop buying. Having a book that’s slightly off is fine, but thinking you’re too high and mighty to take critiques/suggestions is just too much. We can all improve.

    That being said, this sounds amazing. I’m not adding it…yet, so you don’t get another notch in your belt :p

      1. I think we’ve talked about my absolute favorite ones. There are even some mediocre ones that I would consider better than LKH now. She’s just completely lost me at this point, even the mass amount of sex is boring because they do all the same positions most of the time! I GET THAT YOU LIKE BALLS IN YOUR MOUTH BUT I’M OVER READING ABOUT IT.

      2. Bahahahaha! Love it. Love all of it. Seriously, if you want some decent BDSM I’d recommend Submissive Beth Mysteries. The first book is The Jade Dragon. It’s self published by Fia Black. There are some typos and slight grammar issues, but it’s a decent story with a likable heroine who works in the BDSM scene and decides to become a PI. I’ve never seen that world collide, and the author did a good job. It’s really straight forward, easy to get through writing, and she really shines at the BDSM scenes from what little I know about it lol.

  3. I really need to get to this one. I have this and Horns waiting to be read and having read the Fireman and really enjoyed it – I need to get a budge on. Good to have another glowing review to give me a gentle nudge in the right direction.
    Lynn 😀

    1. I have Horns waiting to be read too. I honestly don’t know if I’ll get to it during my horror/paranormal binge reading though. It fits the bill but since I just finished Heart-Shaped Box, I don’t really want to immediately pick up another Hill book.

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