Comics – A Review

Well look, I’m not very good a reviewing comic books. I like them. I indulge in them sporadically. I have no idea how to write a review about them. So here are a couple that I’ve recently enjoyed to a great extent (I rated both 5 stars) and that you should check out if comic books are your thing:


Horror/paranormal: Synopsis here.


Fantasy/sci-fi: Synopsis here.

What comic books do YOU enjoy?

9 thoughts on “Comics – A Review

  1. Comics are the bee’s knees. 😛 I’m so glad you’ve been reading them more again lately. Heck, I’m glad I have been too. I think as far as reviewing them goes, the same rules mostly apply to comics as they would to regular novels. Review the overall plot, the characters, but then also take into account the artwork, the use and readability of the panels, etc. 🙂
    You’re an awesome reviewer so I’m sure you’d rock out reviewing comics too!

  2. Dammit I added both! Locke and Key got me with the Lovecraftian vibe. I’m a sucker for that, and Saga piqued my love of stories that are sci-fi AND fantasy. I haven’t read a lot of comics just due to not having many available. I did read Watchmen by Alan Moore back in grad school for my postmodern class, and I absolutely loved it. The movie was decent even though they changed a bit. Most of my comic book experience comes from film so I can’t deride the source!

    1. Lmao. I saw that you added them on Goodreads and thought I should probably check the blog because I may have gotten yelled at. 😛
      A lot of my interest in comics happens from movies like Deadpool or life long love of the TV shows and movies like Batman. Those two are both on my list to get to one day.

      1. Tee hee yasss so yelling much (fake) ire. I want to read more comics, because all I know about many of the big name movies out are due to the movies themselves. I definitely became interested in Guardians of the Galaxy after that movie though.

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