Tid Bits

It’s funny how sometimes you just remember some random ass part of your dream from the night before and nothing else.

This morning I remember swimming in a large indoor pool with a baby macaque monkey in a diaper. He kept shitting his diapers and I just kept swimming in the pool with him.

That’s it. Now I’m stuck here wondering why I wasn’t as grossed out in my dream as I am now. Why did I keep swimming in that poop water?



5 thoughts on “Tid Bits

  1. It’s strange how we just accept whatever weirdness is in our dreams and keep going like it’s all normal. I had a dream where I was on an offshore oil rig, killing giant spiders with a machinegun. I never stopped to wonder about the existence of giant spiders, or that it was my job to hunt them.

  2. lmao I could see one of those dream interpreter people analyzing your dream and explaining that it has some deep inner meaning along the lines of if life deals you so much shit that you’re literally swimming in it, just keep on paddling. 😛
    I had some strange dreams last night too but I can’t remember most of them. I woke up a lot. One had to do with being chased (don’t ask me how) by totem poles that were comprised of alternating faces of Captain Crunch and those weird little rubbery monster finger puppet things you get around Halloween. It was . . . odd. lol

      1. Haha I know, I really should start one. I’m so bad about remembering to do it though. >_< Usually when I wake up my first thought is "gotta pee" and then I either go back to before my brain decides it would rather think about things than let me sleep or I get distracted by something else. One day though . . . lol

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